• How to adapt leggings to fashionable wardrobe

    It seems that this season we were told that leggings are only suitable for the gym. We will not argue, but there are situations in which a fashionable image created on the basis of leggings is simply necessary. For example, you don’t want to take your jeans with you to sports just to change into them at the end of classes. In these cases, complementing the dress with a few simple things, you can easily create a stylish image. True, whatever one may say, shortened models are not suitable for creating everyday attire.

    It is easy to turn leggings into tabernacles, if you skillfully combine them with a shiny top. This will add alongside a touch of glamor, and get rid of sports associations. This combination may well be complemented by a jacket, or a sweatshirt, also trimmed with sequins. For these purposes, you can use a jacket to match. Surprisingly enough, matching outerwear can transform a combination of leggings and a T-shirt into something really fashionable.

    You can go the other way, and create an image in the style of boho.For this, a cape with an ethnic pattern and fringe may suffice. Shoes in this case should not give out the fact that the outfit has at least some relation to the sport.

    It is not necessary under any circumstances to combine leggings with shoes with heels. Only a flat sole, or a heavy, rough heel, recreating a grunge style. Also, do not forget that in the kit there can be only one tight thing, and this, of course, leggings. Picking up the top, it is better to stop at the free, flying models, perhaps covering the line of the hips. In addition, this option will hide the gum. This is very important, because it is she who usually betrays the fact that the thing on you is directly related to the sport. If at the bottom of the leggings there are also references to this fact, they must be hidden with high shoes.

    It is quite clear that the choice of style and combinations is based on the color of the leggings. Not all options are suitable for boho. The main thing that should be done in any image is the accent with sportswear should be transferred to the wardrobe item that complements it, and then no one will notice the difference between leggings and the tabernacle.This is what all the creation of the dress is aimed at - to move to another style. The easiest way to create a casual image based on leggings, and it will look much more organic than others. Although it is possible to experiment.

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