• How not to worry?

    Excitement haunts us day after day. We worry before the exam, before an important meeting, before the presentation and the report, worry before visiting the doctor, worry for nothing, worry for ourselves and our loved ones. How not to worry in any situation: try to figure it out together.

    How not to worry before an important event

    If you have an important event ahead of you, be it an exam, performance in public or some other event, and the excitement begins to bother you long before it should happen, then try using a few tricks to relieve the alarm.

    1. To begin with, try to imagine that everything did not go according to plan: you forgot the words, were late for an important meeting, unsuccessfully joked. Think over to the smallest detail how you can adequately get out of this situation and then it will seem to you not so terrible. Moreover, if this trouble really happens, you will know exactly what to do.
    2. Try shifting your attention from an exciting event to something else. For example, arrange yourself a good physical exertion: tidy up at home, go to the gym or just go jogging to the park.It is proved that during workouts produced serotonin, which copes with stress. In addition, a tired person simply does not have the strength to worry about anything.
    3. If anxiety does appear, try breathing in the stomach. Slowly inhale the air, inflate the abdomen, and then exhale slowly also with abdominal muscles. If possible, pause and drink some water. This will give you time to collect your thoughts, and your body - an additional source of strength, because excitement often contributes to the loss of moisture from the body, and this in turn aggravates stress. And remember, to treat failures should be easier. Every fall is a new step towards success.

    How never to worry

    If your excitement and anxiety are not connected with a specific event, but are constantly haunting you, then you need to learn to relax. There are several proven methods for this.

    1. Try to do aromatherapy. For this perfect oil of lavender, eucalyptus, mint and fir.
    2. Herbal teas are a wonderful natural sedative. On especially exciting days, brew chamomile, linden, lemon balm or mint tea.
    3. An excellent relaxer is your favorite music. Listen to what you like, every time excitement sets in.
    4. Try to laugh more. Endorphins cope with stress even better than serotonin. Watch funny movies, read jokes, have fun. And during an attack of excitement, just remember something funny and smile.
    5. Try to surround yourself with a positive. Eat well, do not deny yourself a dream, have a good time with friends and family. A happy person rarely feels anxiety and anxiety over trifles.

    Often, the excitement comes from the fact that a person cannot control everything that happens around him, but he desperately tries to do it. If you are such a person, then you will have to get used to the idea that not everything in this world depends on your actions and decisions. Sometimes, to achieve the best result, you need to relax and just go with the flow.

    If anxiety provokes any fear, feel free to look at his face. Afraid of public speaking, then participate in them at every opportunity. You are afraid to go to the doctor - arrange a complete examination with a visit to many specialists.Overcoming fear will not only relieve stress, but also increase your self-confidence.

    Always be optimistic about everything! An optimistic vital attitude will not leave worries a single chance of success and you will forget what excitement is.

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