• How are films made?

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    How are films made?

    Probably, there is no person who once would not be interested in the process of making a film. How does everything actually happen, where does the idea come from, how is the script written, how do the operators work, make-up artists, how do they behave and how do the actors work, how is the sound duplicated and how then do all the footage recorded in one film? I think this is very interesting, so we will try to tell you everything.

    From our article you will learn how to create movies. Accordingly, the information will be useful to those who are interested in the production of cinema or studying for the director. The process of making a film is long and laborious, and rarely shooting stops half way. Often, novice professionals lack experience and patience. Indeed, creating a movie is not easy, but the more time and effort is spent, the better the result will be.

    So, where to start? Any movie starts with a script. After all, the film should be about something to shoot. We describe to you some points that relate to the script.


    • It is decided which side will be narrated. Who is the narrator that wants to convey.
    • More illustrations used. For example, nature, some buildings, to describe this or that thing, it is sometimes better to draw than to convey in words. So you can facilitate further work.
    • Realistic conversations, words, direct speech are used. Know that the script is being written, not the book. Conversational, not literary, speech is always used.
    • Developing events, attention to one action is not sharpened. Otherwise, the plot of the films will be unevenly distributed over the time factor.
    • Describes or draws the details that are important. For example, if in one scene there is an object that disappeared in the next action, in the movie it will be so noticeable that you have to re-shoot the scene.
    • It describes how one scene is related to another, what events summarize them. This will help the further play of actors.
    • The ending of the script should be more interesting, carry some kind of conclusion. After all, the director wants to bring some idea.

    The next fact, the details of which you should be devoted to, is how films are made. Video shooting, video processing is the longest and painstaking work.Until the shooting, you need to organize staff. It will take more than one person: sound engineer, assistants, actors, film crew, operators. First of all, the film crew acquires the necessary equipment. The technique is expensive, and, therefore, the higher the amount allocated to shooting a film, the better the image and special effects will be captured. Sometimes the equipment is simply rented. In the process of filming, the footage is tracked, scenes that were already in the frame are deleted. It is worth noting that before you begin a full-fledged filming process and bring the entire group to the location of the filming, you must perform a test shoot. The director with the operators arrives at the location of the alleged filming with an amateur camera and makes video tests of the field. The director carefully examines everything, perhaps some places for the film will not work, it happens that some nature does not fit into the frame.

    The filming process is the longest. It can last from several months to a year. Sometimes more. Indeed, in one film, it is sometimes necessary to take off both winter and summer, and the sea, and something else. Most often, the process is interrupted and restored under the necessary conditions.The next period is film editing. Here, it is unlikely that something will depend on the operator. But the director, should be present at this process, to prompt and help.

    How movies are made in the editing workshop

    First of all, all the footage is examined, notes are made which duplicates will be included in the film. Markup occurs, frame by frame. Roughing done with video control. This is a program that allows you to display footage on the TV screen, thus giving an idea of ​​what the movie will look like in the future. With modern digital video processing, the program uses Digital Intermediate.

    Before the installer proceeds to the final editing, he must establish a rhythm and impose tones on the frames. The next stage of the film production is sounding. There are two options for making a movie sound. The first is high-tech, affordable, the director has the necessary equipment. In the process of filming was recorded with the ability to record the voice of actors. But as a result of the installation, voices will not be heard. In this case, the original video is processed, the audio is recorded, a separate file is made, which is then further processed on the computer to fit it to the ideal.This process is complex and requires the work of a qualified sound engineer. Another option is easier. The actors who own the voices of the film’s heroes record the soundtrack in the studio, which they then overlay on the video file.

    By the way, if you want to contemplate in real life how films are made, the video can always be found on the Internet. Also there you can find out how the installation, voice acting and so on. And now we will tell you about replication.


    Nowadays, directors create only a few original versions of the film, for themselves, the studio and distribution. And the film itself is distributed on digital media for a large audience.

    Naturally, in order for the film to be released, and not to lie on the shelves of film studios, advertising is needed. She needed to promote the film to the market. This is a great job advertisers. Here are the ways in which advertising agents will promote the film, and it will become known to the public:

    • the Internet
    • Newspapers. Magazines
    • Radio, television.
    • Advertising on goods.
    • Advertising banners.

    The popularity of the film, whether it will be released on wide screens at all, depends on the totality of the entire work. The work of the director, of course, the most important.We hope our article helped you learn how movies are made, And if you have such an idea, then you should definitely start.

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