• How to cook the mouthpiece?

    Anton Kravchenko
    Anton Kravchenko
    August 17, 2014
    How to cook the mouthpiece?

    Kapa is a silicone jaw nozzle that allows you to preserve not only your teeth, but also the lips of boxers during sporting fights. Finished caps can not be bought, the store sells only blanks. Athletes boil their mouthpiece so that it retains both the shape of the teeth and the bite.

    When buying caps, be sure to ask the seller if it is intended for cooking. In addition, it is undesirable to buy cheap mouthguard. It can be not only fragile, which is dangerous for your teeth, but also made of low-quality plastics.

    How do professional athletes cook their mouthpiece?

    You will need two deep plates. In one, you can immediately pour cold water. Hot water from a pre-boiled kettle is poured into the second plate. Kapu should be put in hot water for 30-40 seconds. After that, it is superimposed on the teeth. The jaw should be tightly clamped, but be careful - it is easy to bite a hot mouthpiece with your teeth. Press the mouth guard with your fingers at the same time so that it fits snugly to the teeth.

    This procedure must be performed for 2-3 minutes.After this, the tray should be dipped in cold water so that it fixes its shape.

    Remember that the mouth guard should sit very tight on the teeth. Therefore, if you could not cook it the first time, the mouthpiece can always be digested again.

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