• How is it - "lag"?

    May 26, 2014
    How is it - "lag"?

    A person spends little time on the Internet and playing computer games, if he doesn’t know how to lay it.

    Lag (from the English. Lag) - the time delay between the request sent to the computer program and the response received to it. Derivative lag came into use by Internet users and gamers to indicate delays in the operation of online games, services, programs and other things.

    Lags in online games

    In online games, lags are caused by the need to transfer data packets from the client (person) to the server and back over the Internet. The reason for the significant lags can be as low connection speed, and congestion of data transmission channels.

    So, if you are playing an online game, and you are hampered by strong (long) lags, you should try to free up the communication channel: turn off torrents and others using the program’s Internet connection. If the game has not ceased to lag, then the reason may be either in the low performance of your computer, or in the slow connection speed, or in the workload of the server.In the first case, you should think about updating the hardware, in the second - about changing the tariff plan of the provider, and in the third to make sure that you don’t have a chance.

    Computer lags

    When working with applications on a computer, and even when processing information, in principle, lags can be the result of registry fouling, viruses, or, again, low productivity of your hardware.

    If it's not a matter of iron weakness, try cleaning your computer with special utilities like CCleaner and checking it for viruses. If this does not help, reinstall the operating system.

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