• How electricity consumers are connected in apartments

    The main consumers of electricity in the apartment are electrical and fluorescent lamps, electrical appliances, office equipment and video equipment, household appliances. All of them are connected to the mains in parallel.


    When wiring to the apartment there is a need for branching it to connect sockets and switches. Layout "Star". It has its own circuit breaker in the panel and a separate cable line, on which the socket or point of lighting is located. Such wiring allows you to control each element of the electrical circuit, but at the same time the length of the wire is much increased.
    The layout of the "cable" is different from the "Star" in that there are several elements on the same cable. In apartments, one type of wiring is very rarely used, usually a mixed type is used to obtain the desired result.The most commonly used type of wiring is through junction boxes. On the staircase there is a shield with meters and several switches, from which a power cable is pulled into the apartment. At the entrance to each room there are distribution boxes, through which electricity is supplied to the rooms. When laying the wiring in the apartment there are several groups: the illumination of the rooms; kitchens and corridors; power supply of living rooms, power supply of kitchens and corridors; lighting and power supply of the bathroom; electric stove.

    Requirements for the location of electrical wiring in residential premises

    In the bathroom, the socket is provided only for electric razors, which must be connected via a transformer. Grounding contacts of sockets are not connected to the zero wires and water supply or heating systems. For this there is a protective earth wire. For an electric cooker, the main automatic machine must be at least 63A.
    Wires are laid only vertically and horizontally, are strictly at right angles to each other. Wires to sockets are brought only from below, and to switches from above.Depending on the method of laying the wires, they are divided into installation and installation. Installation wires are used for concealed and open wiring in the building, and installation wires are intended for interior work where flexible and fixed wire fixing on walls and panels is required.

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