• How does the refrigerator work?

    The refrigerator today is in every home. And each of us uses it successfully. However, not everyone knows how the refrigerator works, what are the basic principles of its operation and how it works inside. Let's talk about all these topics in this article.

    Single compartment refrigerators

    In such refrigerators, the motor compressor, as it were, pumps out all the freon vapors from a device called an evaporator. And then, pumps them straight into the capacitor. In the condenser, the vapors are cooled and become liquid. Liquid freon goes to the evaporator. There he boils and "takes" heat from the surface of the device, which we have already mentioned - the evaporator. It is at this moment that the cooling of the internal chamber of the refrigerator, and therefore of the products, begins.

    Cycle after cycle, the whole process is repeated until the temperature reaches the desired value. At this moment, the motor automatically turns off. The temperature rises with time - the motor turns on again. The freezer in such refrigerators, as a rule, is located only in the upper part.The advantage of single-chamber refrigerators can be considered their compactness. They do not take up much space, which means they are favorites for hotels or, for example, hostels.

    Two-compartment refrigerators

    The principle here is exactly the same. The only significant difference is the fact that in a two-compartment refrigerator in each of the compartments is its own evaporator. Separately in the freezer and separately in the refrigerator compartment. The main advantage is the freezer, which can freeze any food, and they can be stored for a long time.

    Refrigerators with the system "No Frost"

    Popular today refrigerators, which are equipped with the “No Frost” system, are somewhat different in their working principles. Now we will tell you how this type of refrigerator works.

    A significant difference between such refrigerators and conventional ones is that the first ones in the freezer do not have an evaporator (which is implemented in the form of a metal plate or shelf). In these types of refrigerators, an evaporator (which would be more appropriately called an air cooler) is usually located in the bottom or top of the freezer, or on the back wall of the chamber behind the panel. But in the refrigerating chamber there is no evaporator at all."No Frost" - wind defrosting automatic defrost system. Such refrigerators, as a rule, consume slightly more electricity than their “brothers”. In addition, “No Frost” refrigerators may make some noise a little louder than their alternative. However, expensive refrigerators with such a system are equipped with quiet fans, and therefore the noise from them is small. The main advantage of such a refrigerator is an even distribution of air throughout the refrigerator compartment.

    How should the refrigerator work

    Modern refrigerators should work silently, nothing should rattle, the refrigerator should freeze well and correctly, on time, be switched off and on. The hum of the motor should be barely audible. If you unexpectedly hear too much noise, then the compressor probably works incorrectly, and special attention should be paid to this. In any case, when identifying any problems, be sure to contact the specialists so that they eliminate these problems. Well, if the refrigerator is still under warranty. Otherwise, its repair will cost you a lot of money, because all the details, as well as their repair, are very expensive.To avoid this - buy only refrigerators of famous companies. Discard dubious firms when choosing a refrigerator.

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