• How does an orchid bloom?

    Beautiful, exciting, exquisite. These words can be used to describe a flower, which is called an orchid. Answering the question of how an orchid blooms is not easy. More precisely, it is impossible. The shape of the flowers of the orchid is similar to the butterflies, then to the insects, then to the lizards, and some species resemble the shape of swans. A variety of exquisite delicate aromas of blooming orchids is beyond description. Maybe that's why the orchid is considered a true aristocrat of the flower world.

    Orchid can be found in almost every corner of the globe. In the northern latitudes, these are modest plants that are not striking in their eyes, such as the marsh damsel or lady's slipper, which are found in the middle lane. In tropical latitudes, this is a luxurious kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and scents.

    Many of the tropical orchids are creepers, their long, flexible stems ascend tree trunks to great heights. Most of the orchids growing in the tropics are epiphytes, that is, they settle on other plants, most often on trees, but at the same time use them as a backup without feeding on their sap.Orchids are attached to the trees themselves with antennae and hairs to show their flowers to the light. And then the spectators can observe the enchanting phenomenon, like fantastic garlands consisting of orchid inflorescences hanging from the trees!

    How to make an orchid bloom

    Making the orchid bloom is quite a challenge for those who have just started to take care of orchids. However, there are several factors that will determine how often the orchid blooms and whether it will bloom at all.

    The first factor is the light day, the full development of flower stalks, flowering, seed ripening and the laying of new flower stalks depend on the length of it. The orchid begins to bloom at the onset of the season, the light day of which corresponds to its biological clock. This period is the impetus for the laying of color buds. They are in the case of the stem, therefore not visible. The buds become visible only when the peduncle begins to actively develop. The duration between the laying of flower buds and the growth of peduncles can be quite long. In order to make the orchid bloom, it is necessary to take some agronomic measures and be patient.

    The second factor in order for the buds of future flower stalks to be laid is that, depending on the orchid variety, it should be placed in the necessary conditions. For example, limit watering and reduce the temperature by a few degrees, or hold it under conditions of prolonged daylight, reduce it, giving an impetus to the beginning of the growth of peduncles ...

    General orchid care tips

    In order for an orchid to start blooming, you need to know what it likes when:

    • light;
    • temperature is not below + 18-20 degrees;
    • fertilizer with special fertilizer once a month;
    • bathe. Dip the whole plant no more than once a week for 5-8 minutes in room temperature water.

    We can not allow the care of orchids:

    • root bloating, after bathing you need to let the water drain thoroughly, otherwise the roots will rot;
    • drafts;
    • direct sunlight on the plant;
    • the proximity of the heaters;
    • neighborhood with fruit, substances from which ruin the flowers of orchids.

    How to water the orchids:

    • use rainwater for irrigation;
    • water the land, not the plant;
    • morning watering is preferable in order to evaporate the moisture during the day;
    • in winter, watering should be reduced, because during this period the plant is at rest;
    • in the spring to make the watering more affluent and more abundant, since it depends on how long the orchid blooms;
    • if the apartment has a dry climate, it is necessary to spray the leaves with water.

    On the question of how often and how long an orchid blooms, we can say that if you have achieved its flowering, then it will delight you with its flowers from two to three, sometimes four months each year.

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