• How does air conditioning work?

    Air conditioning is a great modern device, for many which has already become indispensable. Now there are a large number of different types of air conditioners: freezer, refrigerator, car air conditioner, normal, which hangs on the wall in the office or at home. All of them are essentially cooling machines, and therefore the principle of their operation is in many ways similar. Let's find out more about how air conditioning works.

    The mechanism of action of the air conditioner

    "The reverse Rankine cycle" is the method by which all air conditioners operate. For full operation, the air conditioner needs 4 important elements: a condenser, a compressor, an evaporator and a choke.

    The compressor is powered by electrical energy from the network, it is necessary to compress the working agent freon. Condenser - apparatus-heat exchanger, needed for the condensation of freon. It contains heat that removes air conditioning. The throttle is necessary in order to choke the freon (i.e., to lower the pressure). The evaporator is also an apparatus-heat exchanger, but unlike a condenser, it emits cold.

    All parts of the air conditioner interact harmoniously. Here�s how it happens:

    1. First, the compressor receives electricity and with it compresses freon.
    2. The heated and compressed freon vapor enters the condenser, in which it condenses.
    3. After condensation, the liquid freon through the choke enters the evaporator, which actively absorbs heat. The cooled air is sent to the room.
    4. Then the steam freon is sent back to the compressor and the whole cycle is repeated anew.

    That is the mechanism of the air conditioner. If everything is in order with the device, it will cool the air qualitatively.

    How does a mobile air conditioner

    Mobile air conditioners can be of two types:

    • Split systems with external and internal blocks. External hang out on the balcony or window sill.
    • Mobile monoblocks that connect to the street with a flexible duct.

    Split systems

    Both units are interconnected by a hose, which contains electrical communications and freonovodnye tube. Otherwise, such an air conditioner works like a regular split system. The advantage of the air conditioner is that it does not need to be mounted.

    Mobile Monoblocks

    They are connected to the street with the help of a flexible air vent, which is displayed in the hole (window, door, window leaf). Through the duct heated air is displayed on the street. To prevent the warm outside air from penetrating inside the room, many make special plugs. In winter, these plugs are closed, and the air conditioner performs the functions of a fan heater.

    Car air conditioner

    Automotive air conditioning performs several functions: regulates the temperature, cleanliness and air circulation in the cabin.

    How does air conditioning work in a car? The refrigerant (freon gas) enters the compressor, which causes it to circulate throughout the system. Next, the freon is sent to a condenser located in front of the main radiator, where it is condensed. After that, the refrigerant is sent to the evaporator, where it evaporates and absorbs heat. Well, the last step - the receiver-dryer, which equalizes the pressure and drains the refrigerant.

    So you get clean air, and the whole process described happens again. This is the principle of the air conditioner.

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