• How do you spell ate?

    Galina Mirzahmedova
    Galina Mirzahmedova
    September 23, 2014
    How do you spell ate?

    Compound word forms, which are formed as a result of the repetition of words (for example, in order to strengthen what has been said), are written with a hyphen: firmly, very, very much, etc. This also includes the words “barely” and “spruce-fir”.

    How to write "barely" or "ate-ate"?

    Many people, and first of all schoolchildren, are interested in how to spell "ate ate." The word barely refers to adverbs formed by the merging of two words, as well as “to and fro”, etc. It is written with a hyphen (not to be confused with a dash). As for the word “spruce,” it has two meanings, and it can be a verb (spruce - ate) or the plural noun “spruce”. Therefore, a hyphen needs to write only the adverb “barely” and nothing else. If in the sentence the word "fir" goes twice in a row, between them, most likely, there will be a comma or a union.

    • For example: “We ate, ate apples, sitting by the fir”, which means “We ate apples for a long time near the fir tree”.
    • Or: “Around were only eating, eating ...”. In other words - "There were many trees of fir trees around."

    "Barely" means in other words: slightly, very little, force, barely. Used, for example, in such sentences: "The horse was barely walking because it was tired."

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