• How do we see ourselves?

    Chinese wisdom says that man has three characters. The first personifies what a person thinks about himself. The second is what people say about him. The third is the character that actually is.

    Indeed, time sets priorities. Only time will tell us in the end who we are. At about 30 years of age, the first major reassessment of values ​​occurs in a person. It is probably during this period of life that a person can feel for the first time how other people actually see him from the outside. Up to thirty years, a person aspires to heights and as a result does not notice how people relate to him, or rather, does not attach importance, because this is not important at the moment.

    Well, you can learn a lot and not wait until you have knocked so many decades. After all, as we see ourselves, it depends only on us, on our desire to see the truth, or just a wry reflection. And in general, how others perceive us, also depends on us. Because they see only what we allow to see, or, on the contrary, what we consciously demonstrate, distorting reality.

    The perception of the world

    Returning to the Chinese wisdom, it is worth noting that in the first place is how a person sees himself. How we see and perceive the world around us depends only on us. The world around us is society, people who feel our emotions, attitude to a person, perceive our signals. Accordingly, people respond to us. So we build relationships.

    Man is a social being, and for a long time alone, without communication, he will not survive. Emotional perception of the day lived consists of how our relationship with certain people developed. Coming home from work or meeting friends, what do you think? Likely about emotions?

    There are 10 commandments in the Bible. Please note that most of them talk about relationships with people. It is communication with people that takes up most of our lives.

    To see yourself through the eyes of others, it is worth looking at the reaction of people to their actions. Of course, a lot depends on your self-confidence, on belief in yourself. The more positive you feel about yourself, the better people will react to you.

    In order to test this postulate, try repeating yourself every day: “I am a good person.People love me. I will succeed. Whatever I undertake, everything will be fine. " And guaranteed that in a few months you will see a radical change. Autotraining will work, the main thing is not to take breaks. Every day you tell yourself that you are a good, wonderful person, and people will believe in it, because you will be the first to believe it.

    However, just loving yourself a little. Although it all starts with you, let's see how your energy is projected onto other people. Try the exercise "Saleswoman". Probably you often make purchases. Show to the saleswoman increased attention, and to any, even if she does not seem attractive to you and is located to you. Be sure to say hello to her, pay attention to how she wraps up your purchase, thank her.

    Do this with all the people who serve you, and after a while you will be surprised how grateful people are to you. In the world everything is interconnected. You start with a relationship to yourself, then you build a relationship with the outside world, and then you yourself wonder how the whole world loves you!

    Inside look

    Now about how I see myself, because it is very simple.You think about yourself a lot and very often. It's time to remove the mask and discard the husk. You had setbacks (and who didn't have them?), Take them for life experience. How lucky you are that the boss expelled you - you now have a new job. You are not lucky in marriage? This is a controversial issue, who are not even lucky.

    Seeing yourself from the outside is rather difficult, but achievable. This will help the camcorder. Restraint you completely useless. Ask your friend or hired professional to shoot you. In no case do not pose in front of the camera, and behave as in normal life. Do what you have always done, do not pay any attention to the camera. Try to capture yourself for a few days.

    When you view the captured, then you are waiting for surprises. Not expected to see such a character who does not look like you? Now you can analyze your behavior and finally face the truth. After all, that's how you look. How I feel about the people around me, what I look like - the truth will be shown by an impartial lens.

    Through the prism of relationships

    The whole life depends on our relationship. How else to live, not in the same seclusion.Everyone is looking for a positive in relationships, but they are not limited to the closest people. You go to the store and enter into a business relationship with a saleswoman, you go to a business meeting, and you have a business relationship with a business partner, you hire a housekeeper - and now the hired person becomes almost part of the family.

    The main thing in relationships is how we see each other, how we treat each other, how the interchange of emotions takes place between us. You are confident and wish good to people, and they pay you with the same coin.

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