• How do you know she doesn't like you?

    Women are very mysterious and unpredictable by nature. You have achieved a fascinating conversation with her, aroused interest and you are unlikely to expect a negative reaction. But when you proceed to the next step, you come across an unexpected result - a failure.

    How do you know she doesn't like you? Consider several options for behavior, action or inaction of the girl, which will help to understand that she is not interested in you.

    Exchange of views

    When you first meet, eye contact is often very important. If you like a girl, then you will certainly pay attention to her. Glimpses can tell a lot about things on the condition that you cannot remain unnoticed (general company, etc.). If the views do not intersect, then, unfortunately, there is no interest.


    Do not despair, you need to start a conversation, thereby to show yourself. In the process of communication, there is no need to come close and disturb the girl’s personal space. Politeness, literacy, smile, humor - the key to a good start for dating.Listen and take a closer look, maybe she is embarrassed, looks away, begins to correct clothes, pulls her hair, in a word, feels awkward when communicating. You may be on the right track, but as we said, women are unpredictable. She is not interested if she looks at you coldly, does not support a conversation, constantly turns her attention to the watch, mobile phone, manicure, people around, etc.


    Even if everything is fine with communication, this does not mean anything. In the total mass, girls do not welcome excessive attention and pressure on themselves. If you often take the initiative in something in relation to it, but it does not support you and ignores you, be sure that you are not in priority.


    Invite a girl to a meeting, offer to watch a movie together, eat ice cream, go to a dolphinarium, etc., but do not impose yourself and do not insist. After the first refusal to date, do not rush to make the second sentence. After refusal and on the second date, it is better to switch your attention to another girl, because now it is clear that she does not like you.

    Past life

    During the general pastime, she can often mention male friends, ex-guys and everything related to them. The girl you like will not be at the first meetings to talk about their past adventures.If a girl has such conversations, it means that she trusts you as her best friend or takes you for someone who can cry in a waistcoat.

    A friend will come to the rescue

    Often from the best. Try at a meeting to ask your friend to adequately assess her attitude towards you. Much can become clear.

    Tactile contact

    Each person is pleasant touch of loved ones and those we like, so we are arranged. How do you know she doesn't like you? Try at an unexpected moment to take her hand, her waist, put her hand on her shoulder and evaluate her reaction to the actions taking place. If she abruptly began to get annoyed, to distance herself, it means that your touch is not pleasant to her.


    Sign language has long been studied, from which one can read the necessary information and make a conclusion in time. The crossed arms on a breast testify that the girl is closed before you and does not want to go for rapprochement, is fixated on the internal experiences and does not wish to share the feelings. But there is one nuance: it is possible that it is frozen and trying to warm up.

    By these signs, you can determine whether you like a girl or not.Do not be upset in case of failure, keep looking. There will surely be one that you will like and which you will like.

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