• How did the US national team play at the 2014 World Cup soccer

    The Americans got into a difficult group for the World Cup in Brazil. Rivals of the US team in the group stage of the tournament were the Germans, the Portuguese and the Ghanaians.

    The first match in the tournament for the Americans was marked by a victory over the national team of Ghana with a score of 2 -1. Moreover, in this game, the Americans scored the fastest goal of the entire championship (not even a minute had passed since the beginning of the meeting). African footballers were able to recoup, but the Americans in the last minutes still snatched the victory and gained important three points.

    In the second match of the USA team, Portugal opposed. The game ended with a draw (2 - 2). In this match, the Americans had to win, but the Europeans in the last minute snatched a draw.

    In the final match in the group stage, the US team met with footballers from Germany. Some thought that the match would be uninteresting, since, with a draw, both teams secured a way out of the group. Nothing happened.The German national team won with a minimum score (1 - 0). However, the American had enough four points to reach the playoffs from second place in the group. They were ahead of Portugal in the difference of goals scored and missed goals.

    In the 1/8 final, the US team met with the team of Belgium. 90 minutes of the match ended in a goalless draw. Only in overtime, the winner was determined, which became European footballers (2-1). The Americans looked very decent in that match, although there was a definite advantage for European footballers.

    The final result of the US team is considered very worthy. The team was able to leave the difficult group in the playoff stage of the world championship, where it lost only in extra time.

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