• How can we quickly wean a child from the breast?

    Breastfeeding is a very important process for both the mother and the baby, because it means not only the usual feeding of the baby, the saturation of its body with nutrients, but also a kind of contact that is accompanied by love, affection and care.

    When the child is at the mother's breast, he feels protected and needed. But there comes a time when any mother thinks about how to wean the baby from the breast, and it is desirable that this process be painless for the baby and the mother herself.

    First of all, it is necessary to understand that the mother herself is morally and physically ready to wean the baby. If we consider the psychological factor, only the mother can decide when she needs to stop such contact with the baby.

    The production of breast milk is directly related to the maternal instinct, but if the mother feels that this process has not become pleasant to her, thoughts have arisen - "when it will end" and "how much you can", then all this the child will feel.

    After all, before mother's breast for him was a place of warmth and comfort, caress and caring, and now he feels disgust and anger, this can lead to deep psychological trauma of the child. That is why the psychological factor is so important.

    Sometimes it happens, and vice versa, when the mother refused the baby in breastfeeding, but feels constant remorse that the child is suffering and upset.

    This condition of the mother is fraught with late post-natal depression. Proceeding from this, the conclusion suggests that the mother will only be able to determine when the time will come to stop breastfeeding, so that this happens smoothly, and the baby could easily switch to other forms of contact with adults.

    And yet, in order for the whole process to be successful, you need to know the approximate time frame, at what age it is necessary to wean the baby from the breast. There are no clearly defined values, but knowledge of the lactation process can simplify the whole process, avoiding periods when the child's breast-breaking can be the most dangerous and lead to complications in the health of the mother and child.

    Stage of lactation

    1. The first stage of lactation is formation. Usually it starts a couple of months before the birth of a child, and ends approximately 2-3 months after birth.At this time, the preparation of the mammary gland of a woman for milk production is carried out. By the end of the first period, swelling and chest pain may appear, which are understandable and not dangerous, but most of the time moms are frightened and quit by breast feeding the baby to artificial mixtures.
    2. Mature lactation. At this time, the breast is already fully adapted to the needs of the child, produces exactly the amount of milk that the baby needs, the mother does not have to decant milk or, conversely, turn to the bait.
    3. Stage of involution. It starts at about 1.5-2.5 years of a child's life. This stage is very easy to distinguish from the rest, because it is at this time that breast milk begins to resemble colostrum. This is because the mother's body begins to produce a large amount of antibodies and hormones that prepare the baby for independent feeding.

    Naturally, the stage of involution of lactation - this is the period when you can quickly and painlessly wean the child.

    Many studies prove that babies who were weaned during this period do not get sick for several months and become quite strong and, on the contrary,children who have been weaned a year or earlier can often get sick and develop worse over the next year.


    As we have said, the period of involution begins in 1.5-2.5 years after the birth of a child. But do not stop feeding the baby with the first symptoms of the onset of this stage, because at the beginning of the involution, the mother’s milk is most filled with useful substances that prepare the baby’s body for independent living.

    Best of all, if you consider the process of weaning from the breast together with your doctor, who, depending on the state of the mother and the child’s development, will be able to choose the safest way.

    Young mothers who have decided to wean their children from breastfeeding before the onset of the involution stage will expect unpleasant surprises - the breast may overflow and be susceptible to the occurrence of seals, up to mastitis.

    There is no one way that allows you to wean the baby from breastfeeding. However, no one claims that they will be painless and psychologically safe for your crumbs.

    • Often, grandmothers and aunts strongly recommend this method: smear the nipple with mustard, they say, try once - no longer want to try such a bitter chest.Yes, the method can and is effective, but imagine what trauma such a drastic change to the mother can turn out for the child. After all, he was accustomed to such a source of food and affection, which gave him a sense of security and peace. And now it is not. Such emotional stress can be a difficult period in a child’s life.
    • Another way is to tell the baby that it hurts his mother to feed him, to heighten the effect, you can lubricate the nipple with brilliant green. This method also sometimes works, but do not forget that children are vulnerable beings, they very strongly and sincerely empathize with the suffering of the mother. Therefore, if your child is psychologically weak, then it is better to abandon this method.
    • Still there is another method - for the period of weanings from mother's breast it is better to leave. This can last a week or 10 days. Such a method remains controversial, because a long separation from the child is a psychological trauma both for the child and for the mother. But, indeed, often, upon returning home, the child rejoices at the mother and no longer recalls the breast.
    • So is there a way that really helps in getting the baby out of the breast? There is, but it takes time and patience.The main thing, do not try to cut off breastfeeding sharply, reduce it gradually, for example, every few days replacing breast milk with supplementation.
    • In the event that the child is capricious and refuses to be fed, try to express breastmilk into a bottle or mug and give the baby. Maybe it will be better if the baby's bottle is given by the father or by one of the relatives.
    • From nighttime meals you need to give up at the very last moment, when in the daytime the baby is already quite calmly eating without the mother's milk. Most likely there will be a night in which it will be difficult for you to reassure the baby, not allowing it to your chest, but if you made such a decision, then you need to go to the end. It will be better if the baby is calmed by the father, not by the mother, so as not to cause the child to be tempted.

    Remember that together with all "you can," the child must get his first "impossible", and even better if he receives it from you, smoothing this process of becoming a mother's affection and love.

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