• How can I get rid of the hump in the nose?

    It turns out that a crooked nose is the most common form. That's just this very feature not everyone likes, especially when it comes to women. Some of the fair sex consider it as a disadvantage, in every way trying to get rid of him. Is it worth complexing about this, and how to save the situation, we will tell further.

    Why and why?

    One of the most frequent visits to plastic surgeons is associated with a change in the shape of the nose. And it is not surprising, because it affects the overall appearance of the face. But before actively starting to deal with bulges, it is worthwhile to understand the reasons for their appearance. After all, the possibility of correction depends on it. They may be:

    1. Genetic predisposition. This is one of the most frequent prerequisites, which, alas, cannot be prevented. Often, such a hump is a distinctive feature of some peoples, and losing it means losing one's belonging to the gens. In men, it almost never causes the desire to get rid of, but women often agree to any manipulation.
    2. Injuries.Fractures and strokes provoke an increase in bone and cartilage tissue, which forms a hillock. But unlike the previous situation, seals of this kind can be hazardous to health. For example, cause shortness of breath and the frequent occurrence of sinusitis.
    3. Diseases. Various pathological conditions of the nasal cavity can also lead to the deformation of cartilage tissue.
    4. Physical influence. This item is relevant for those who wear glasses. Heavy or uncomfortable rims may eventually cause deformation of the nose.

    In any case, such a physical feature can cause complex complexes, as a result of which a person becomes self-contained, feels unattractive, problems in communication and relationships appear. Doctors are unanimous - the defect in this case must be eliminated.

    By own strength or "under the knife"?

    Can I somehow improve my appearance? Of course. The choice will have to be made between surgery and non-surgical techniques. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about them.

    Secret make-up

    Let's start with the simplest. If the crook is not very noticeable, the correct makeup will help to hide everything.And the main thing that needs to be done is an emphasis on the base of the nose - its wings. This part of the face is distinguished with the help of a light tonal base, the rest of the nose is tinted by means of one or two tones darker.

    For those who doubt their make-up abilities, makeup artists recommend resorting to tricks, and to highlight another part of the face in order to divert attention. For example, make bright lips or bright eye makeup.

    Facebook Building

    Using this method, you can not only smooth out the irregularities of the cartilage tissue on the nose, but also make the contours more toned, as well as partially get rid of wrinkles.

    One of the basic exercises is so simple that you can do it whenever and wherever. Use your index finger to lightly press the tip of the nose, pull the upper lip towards the bottom, lowering the nostrils. Repeat the technique at least 35 times a day.

    To achieve visible results, facebuilding should be practiced twice a day, without making a miss. It is suitable for both men and women. But It is worth noting that this method will help only if the hump is formed by cartilage, and not bone tissue.


    Another non-surgical way to improve the appearance, the essence of which lies in the introduction of fillers. Most often, it is hyaluronic acid.It fills the empty space inside, leveling the surface of the nose and removing irregularities. The only minus injection of hyaluronic acid - the need to repeat the procedure.

    Since this substance is completely recycled by the body, over time, the effect becomes less noticeable.


    For those who have decided once and for all to forget about the flaw, there is a contour plastic. Indications for it are health problems caused by physical traits and serious psychological problems.

    But it is worth considering that rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult operations, a positive outcome of which is possible only if a truly qualified specialist takes up the case.

    Let's figure out how to do it. Prior consultation is required. After all, the doctor must assess the degree of the problem, the peculiarities of the structure of the nasal passages and produce computer modeling. It will help the patient to see the future result and will make it possible to make adjustments at the planning stage.

    There are also age restrictions for rhinoplasty. The ideal range of operation is 18-40 years.During this period, the skull bones are already fully formed. But at the age of 40+, such interventions are contraindicated because of the high risk of deformations during the post-operation period.

    This is due to the deterioration of skin elasticity and a significant slowdown in the regeneration process.

    To relieve the patient of a hump in the nose, the surgeon removes part of the bone and cartilaginous tissue. But the cuts that are made in the process should be jewelry, because otherwise the scars left behind them will ruin the appearance even more.

    The final result of the surgery will be noticeable in six months.

    Contraindications to such correction are the presence of chronic diseases, allergic reactions to medications, problems with the nervous system.

    A crook on the nose can be a "highlight" appearance. Therefore, well weigh everything "for" and "against" before you get rid of it. Be beautiful!

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