• How best to break up?

    It happens that you understand: your relationship no longer brings past joy and satisfaction. In this case, there are two ways. The first is to identify the problem, discuss with a partner and work together on relationships. And the second way is separation. This option seems to many easier - to strike out from the life of one person, to give place to a happier relationship. But everything is not so simple - you cannot switch right away, yes, and the process of parting cannot be called easy and joyful. It is usually painful and painful for both partners.

    How to understand that you need to leave?

    Crises happen in relationships, and this is absolutely normal. The crisis does not mean the need for separation. Not at all, this is just a reference to the first way to solve a problem in a relationship - to talk with a partner and work on yourself.

    What will be the reason for parting:

    • lack of respect and trust in the couple;
    • incompatibility of characters;
    • intimate dissatisfaction.

    If one of the partners has a pronounced psychological problem, with which he does not want to fight, it often becomes a reason to part. For example, alcoholism, frequent outbreaks of aggression, hypertrophied jealousy.Also, a problem arises when partners have different plans for living together. So, when one wants children and a large family, and the other is childfree, this leads the future relationship to a dead end. Someone may make concessions by abandoning their preferences, but will it make him happy? And the relationship is unlikely to benefit from this.

    Are there any children in the couple? Then parting is even more difficult. After all, all "for the sake of children" who probably want their parents to be together. And kids tend to unknowingly blame themselves for the break between mom and dad. But, no matter how hard it is, it is better to choose honesty - to yourself and the child. It is better to survive this than to show falsehood for years and build the appearance of a close-knit family.

    How to part correctly and in a good way?

    A common mistake is a long separation, when a frank conversation is regularly postponed until later. Maybe you hope that the partner himself will think of leaving you - while he carelessly makes plans for a long and happy life with you. Is it fair to pull the cat by the tail towards him?

    And someone continues to live in an organized everyday life - all of a sudden everything will work out? Years pass, but nothing is getting better.Do not be afraid to admit to yourself that relationships have become obsolete - give yourself and your partner the opportunity to become happy.

    Parting is difficult. But if you decide to do it, just take it and do it. Do not run away, do not hide feelings. Invite your partner to an honest conversation and gently express everything that has become painful. It is important to act in a good way - without reproaches and accusations, without rude to him. Choose the right words, but be very frank. Remember - at first it will be hard for both of you, but after a certain time, everything will start to improve.

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