• How and where to celebrate your birthday in spring?

    Birthday in the spring is a great success in life. Thanks to your parents and the fate of your personal, the main holiday of the year you can celebrate the most beautiful time of the year. It is said that people who were lucky to be born in spring are distinguished for their good disposition and sense of humor. Because spring is impossible to get angry. Today we will offer you the best options for how and where to celebrate a birthday in spring.

    Spring was created so that people would cheer up and begin to live to the fullest. Winter bothers many. Because in front of her we endure a cold autumn for more than a month, and then all these snowfalls, ice, slush, mud and sadness and longing associated with them. Because when we are deprived of the opportunity to wear beautiful, light things, the desire to have fun somehow disappears.

    And in the spring everything changes. With what pleasure we get a light jacket, dress and shoes out of the closet. The mood just rolls over. So spring is right to love.

    Birthday should be celebrated in such a way that the conscience was calm and all the following year, when you remembered the name day, you had a smile. For those born in spring, nature itself has prepared a gift in the form of good weather and a large selection of various celebration options.


    In the spring, you have tremendous opportunities to celebrate your birthday. Good weather allows us not to have a birthday party in a stuffy apartment, but to choose something more interesting.

    Naturally in the spring, the most ideal place for celebrating a birthday is nature.

    During the winter, we missed grass, fire and barbecue. Therefore, if you were born in April or May, then you simply have to meet at least once in your life in nature.

    Spring birth has many advantages in nature. Firstly, you finally change the situation, and this is very well reflected in the emotional state of any person. Secondly, clean air perfectly transforms the appearance. Thirdly, active leisure, which you have missed for so long, is an excellent alternative to fitness. Another plus is the fact that you do not have to spend money on a dress or suit, since you will quite manage comfortable jeans and a stylish jumper.


    At your disposal are several places for a fun spring birthday in nature. This may be a park or a place in the countryside. Unfortunately, now it is not easy to find a beautiful nature in the city. But it is, really be prepared for the fact that to rest on a good glade near the shore of the lake will have to travel, not a single dozen kilometers.

    You can opt for the wild (where there are no human traces), or choose a small campsite, with specially equipped seating and games. In any case, stay where you feel comfortable and fun.

    For such a birthday, you need to carefully consider the menu, weather, entertainment, overnight option and security. Because, resting away from civilization, you can not instantly take advantage of the benefits to which you are so accustomed. In addition, changeable weather can completely spoil the mood of all the guests and you. Because pushing a car in the forest for a couple of kilometers is unlikely to please anyone.

    In the country

    A summer house or a country house, perhaps, is an ideal reliability option for a birthday party.Because at the cottage in a beautiful way you can combine rest on nature and comfort. Still, when there is a roof over your head, you feel much more confident that the holiday will succeed. Just so that your birthday at the dacha does not turn into a banal pastime, take away all modern means of communication and entertainment.

    Say no to laptops, internet and tv. Have fun chatting with each other, because we so rarely now do it. In a country house there can be a swimming pool and if the weather is excellent, then you can swim in it. And for playing badminton you just need two trees and a piece of grid.

    On the barbecue you can cook not only all adored meat kebabs, but also vegetables and fish. The plus of this rest is that all the culinary masterpieces will be prepared by joint efforts, and this is quite fun. Be sure to take warm rugs, firewood and guitar with you to your dacha. Remember the early years, the pioneer camp and good mood you are guaranteed.

    Other ideas

    In order to cool celebrate their own birthday, it is not necessary to invite a lot of people. It is possible to do with a loved one and a couple of best friends.Get together and go on a small trip. Let it be a neighboring city or country, it all depends on finances and willingness to take risks. In spring it is especially pleasant and comfortable to travel.

    Born in March can not fully relax in the spring, so the weather is still pretty nasty. But they can do something that they could not do for a long winter, for example, ride a skating rink. Only from the beginning you should actively spend time and then go to the restaurant to drink the health of the birthday boy. If you do the opposite, then injuries can not be avoided.

    Nature itself born in the spring makes a gift in the form of sunlight and warm weather. Therefore, you just have to rely on your good mood and spend the holiday for one hundred percent.

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