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    Hormones / pregnancy

    "Good afternoon! I have been accepting euthyrox for 5 years already, since the thyroid gland hormones do not work. According to the last result, the thyroid is normal, not enlarged, but there is a knot in some lobes, it is up to 1 cm

    So "when taking the tests, it turned out that I have overpriced prolactin, the readings are different, from 600 to 900." Monthly regulars. husband want a child, is infertility?


    Hello! First you need to find out the cause of elevated Prolactin: first of all, pay attention to whether there are any secretions from the mammary glands, to see the correlation with other hormones, MRI of the pituitary to exclude the causes of hyperprolactinemia. Therefore, first restore hormonal balance with an endocrinologist, and then become pregnant.

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