• Holidays in Turkey: planning a budget.

    Budget in Turkey.

    Budget in Turkey.

    Holidays in Turkey: planning a budget.



    One of the most popular destinations in tourism today is Turkey. How to calculate the costs of those people who go there for the first time? We will try to decompose the main points of this issue on the shelves. At the same time, we will take into account the main expenses necessary for a good rest in this country, without stifling savings and, at the same time, without excessive expenses.


    Currency in Turkey.



    To start, about the currency of Turkey. The main - the lira, but the dollars here are held in high esteem. They will not be accepted only in public transport and on some excursions. Given these factors, purchase a bit of local currency upon entering the country. The rest of the required amount in lira will be given to you on delivery. It will be somewhat more difficult to exchange lira for dollars or euros, so try to keep in your pocket a lot of small denominations.

    Remember, the worst exchange rate is at the airport (in addition, here you will be removed from the commission), the most profitable - at the post office and city exchangers.You can exchange money in the market, but here you still lose a little in the value of the currency. It may be possible to withdraw money from a plastic card at the rate of your bank.


    Counting expenses in Turkey.



    When directly calculating expenses in Turkey, first of all consider the cost of a visa and compulsory health insurance - $ 20 and $ 70, respectively. A car rental will cost about $ 40-70, gasoline - about $ 2 per liter. Prices for a tour vary in the range of $ 50-70 per person. At the same time, we advise you to choose the services of special agencies in order not to be deceived by “guides” from the street and unscrupulous in the field of quality of services by small offices.

    A can of beer is equal in value to a cup of tea - $ 1-2. A kilogram of fruit - $ 1, a little more expensive fast food - $ 2-3. Lunch in a cafe will cost about $ 10 per person, at the hotel - 2 times more expensive. Plus 10% - tip waiters.

    A visit to the hammam (Turkish bath) will cost about $ 20-50. Add to this amount $ 10-20, if you want to get an incredible pleasure from a skillful massage.

    When buying souvenirs and other goods in Turkey, be sure to bargain - you can save on their cost several times.


    So, answering the question posed at the beginning of the article, you can safely answer - it all depends on the scope of your future holiday. The minimum is about $ 200-300, and the maximum is limited only by the flight of your imagination.

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