• Hippie clothing style

    The style and lifestyle of a hippie personifies proximity to the earth, to nature, to the beauty of the natural world. Hippie life is contemplation of beauty, accumulation of wisdom, which is in the nature around us. It was such ideas that were promoted by the youth in the 60-70s of the last century. Peaceful hippie rebels with their philosophy created a whole culture and at the same time founded a new style in fashion.

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    Hippie features

    Hippie clothes are very bright and colorful, floral and geometric designs are popular in hippie style. The shape and cut of clothes is loose, sometimes even baggy. The priority is natural fabrics and materials: cotton, silk, wool, leather, flax. There may be an unusual combination of knitted items and leather. Ethnic patterns and elements can be complemented by handmade jewelry, making the hippie style even brighter and more beautiful.

    Hippie Dresses

    There are a lot of models of dresses in the style of hippies, but they are all united by a free cut, comfort, they do not hinder movement, so many ladies are what attracts in such dresses.Dress length can be very different from very short models to length-maxi. Bright dresses, tunics, trapeze dresses and dresses, sundresses are very comfortable for hot weather.

    Characteristic of hippy style dresses are ruffles, flounces, asymmetry of the cut, beading, beads, leather, fringe, lace. All this is fully manifested in very unusual dress models, which besides all this can have ethnic patterns and very variegated colors of all colors of the rainbow.


    Jeans are a must-have attribute for hippies. It can be ripped models, flared jeans, jeans with the effect of antiquity, cowboy style, or just strongly flared models. Such jeans almost always have an interesting decor: leather trim, leather fringe, embroidery, wood bead trim.

    In addition to the jeans themselves, denim skirts, vests, jackets, and shorts are typical of the hippie style. Short denim skirts with handmade lace trim look very nice.


    Hippie skirts have a touch of the east. As a rule, these are long, bright skirts with ethnic patterns and motifs.Perhaps, even they can have several layers and lining. Also, this style corresponds to light chiffon skirts of different lengths.


    Hippies of all time are ardent fans of various accessories and jewelry. Many of which were made with their own hands: baubles, bracelets, beads, earrings, bags, headbands.

    All hippie clothes speak about freedom from stereotypes and public opinion. The hippie style is a challenge to the boring and gray world.

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