• High-quality dishes for hostesses

    Every housewife knows how difficult it is to choose high-quality dishes. The enameled pans will crack over time and the coating will be erased. Pans, which should not burn anything, it is impossible to use, since the tenth pancake will be lumpy. Some pans need to be very carefully washed, otherwise you will ruin the enamel and the dishes can simply be thrown away.

    Having tried many types of dishes, I came to the conclusion that Berghoff could not be found better. Market pots and pans rest in comparison with the products of this company. If you doubt the veracity of my words, you can find documents in their store confirming the quality of the goods. And, by the way, the prices of the dishes are low. In principle, it is not a pity to give the requested amount for such goods.

    The pots I bought are made of stainless steel. Coating on the dishes like a mirror. It is terrible to wash, so as not to rub. Although, my almost every day and scratches unnoticed. My favorite was the berghoff pan with steamer. Very convenient for cooking meat.On the handle there is a special sensor that shows the cooking temperature. So you can reduce the need for a stream of gas in order to preserve the beneficial properties of food.

    In their online store are represented saucepans with very convenient and practical handles. I can say one thing: you will never light up a towel that you will take by the handles, as they are located at a convenient distance from the walls of the dish. And do not burn your hands.

    Pans from this company are very cheap. Prices are almost the same as market prices, but quality is top class. I now have a Berghoff frying pan with a handle that does not heat up. The pan is made of cast iron, trimmed from the inside with a non-stick ceramic coating. I noticed that this coating does not scratch from the washcloth with a hard side when washing and cleaning the pan. So if you accidentally rub the wrong side, nothing wrong with the dishes will not happen. And really nothing burns: no chicken, no meatballs, no potatoes or pancakes.

    I also want to beg a husband for a grill pan as a gift. It has a fishnet at the bottom and if you cook meat, it will be striped. As after cooking on this grill.Plus the fact that the handle is removable and the pan can be put even in the oven. So you will receive both a frying pan and a container for cooking in an oven or microwave.

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