• Help for a week I can not set up satellite TV. How to do it? There is no signal from foreign channels.

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    Answered on November 25, 2014 11:48
    In principle, to deal with the adjustment of a satellite dish is not difficult. If you are afraid to even approach this case, then it is better to call a specialist. He will do it in five minutes, though he will have to pay. And if you want to do it yourself. Then go to the Menu-Settings panel. Here you find the satellite you need and select the port through DiSEqC. By the way, you can install 4 satellites at once via DiSEqC. You cannot know which port for each satellite you need, so look in the instructions. And you can make a spear. Just install some satellite and see if any port fits in with it. As you catch the port on the satellite, then you need it. Everything else is exactly according to the instructions.

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