• Hello, I have a problem with browsers!

    After the computer starts up, the browser (any) is turned on after a while it crashes and it is written in the window to restart the browser? I re-launch but then it crashes again! rebooting helps but I always don't want to restart the computer
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    Answered on July 13, 2015 07:55
    I do not want to frighten - but this is a serious problem. My friend had the same bullshit last week. For starters, which browser do you use most often? If MOZILA then: go to the Control Panel folder and then Programs - Programs and Components and from the list find mozila firefox. Click RMB - Delete. Then re-download the browser in Internet Explorer. (With Opera and Yandex - all the same) If Google Chrome Then: Right-click on the browser shortcut and select properties. Then find compatibility - click the button below "Run this program as an administrator." OK. Everything should work.

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