• Hedge and other creative ideas weaving from the vine!

    Each backyard or backyard private homeownership deserves the attention of the owners. Creating a unique, practical and at the same time pleasant appearance of the space near your home is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Nowadays, it is not necessary to be an avid amateur agronomist to put into practice your idea of ​​what a private yard or plot should look like in a country house.

    We found for you the original ideas of decorating the site. Take a few willow saplings and try to interweave them. It turns out ?! Such original trees will decorate any area. Over time, individual twigs grow together with each other and form a single trunk. This is very original, isn't it ?!

    Take a few willow branches and weave supporting supports for the bushes. Beautiful will look neat fence of willow twigs, which will support the heavy flowers of peony.

    Very original will look decorative fence for the garden.

    From the twigs of the willow you can create this original pavilion.

    But for weaving from the rod will require very simple tools: awl, side cutters, round pliers and cutters. And, of course, we need patience, perseverance and a great desire to weave.

    Another option arbor. And if you still let the vine over it ...

    Another interesting example of a gazebo.

    From the willow branches, you can create such decorative “bonsai” that will delight and delight the eyes of home and guests.

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