• Hearing problems

    Recently, it became bad to hear. I blamed it on the fact that I had recently had a flu with a complication, but time goes by and the hearing does not return to normal. What clinic would you recommend to contact in Almaty?
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    Answered on August 14, 19:41
    Why did you wait so long? You had to ask for help as soon as your hearing problems began. In Almaty, you can go for a consultation, for example, to this ENT Center. After setting the diagnosis, you will be prescribed a treatment and if required you will be provided hearing aid services.
    Answered on August 14, 20:14
    How old are you that your hearing problems have already started? Maybe you have worked in places where there is an increased load on the hearing organs? My husband works as a machinist in the workshop for production. They according to the rules of safety all the workers are in the workplace in the earplugs.
    Answered on August 14, 20:24
    Did you have any hearing problems in your family before? Maybe this is hereditary? In any case, even if you have to wear a hearing aid, in no case is it worth the complexes - hearing loss is not the end of life.

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