• Halloween Snowflake

    We fold and cut outSnowflake-gossamerfrom a sheet of paper to decorate the Halloween house and create the right atmosphere even more. As well as the process is simple and fascinating and is perfect for child-friendly activities.

    Materials and tools:

    1. black paper
    2. scissors;
    3. black thread floss;
    4. glue stick;
    5. clips or clips;
    6. ruler.

    Step 1

    We take a sheet and fold it with an accordion; the layer width is about 2-4 cm. We fold the accordion in half, dividing it into two parts.

    First, cut out 3 rectangles on one part, and cut the edge, approximately with a “semicircle”, see photo Step 1.1.

    We fold the harmonica in half, firmly hold and cut out the same in the second half of the harmonica. Everything, the first workpiece is ready.

    Repeating Step 1, cut out the second blank for the snowflake.

    Step 2

    Now take both blanks, fold them together and tightly tie them in the middle with a black thread floss.

    We unfold the snowflake and, using glue pencil, glue the edges of the blanks (all in four places). We fix the edges with clips or clips and wait until the glue dries.

    After the glue dries, a snowflake-cobweb is ready. If you need to still carefully unfold, correct and make the desired shape. We make a loop from the thread and glue to the snowflakes so that it can be hung. It remains to decorate the snowflake, for example, with spiders or we will make a fluffy spider from cotton wool.

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