• Halloween recipes for adults and kids. What to cook for dinner on the occasion of Halloween: simple comic recipes and a terrible menu

    RNH-009Our recipes with photos on Halloween will teach you to do with your own hands the most terrible and frightening, but at the same time very tasty and unusual dishes. You will no longer be tormented by the question of what to cook from food for the holiday and what recipes to impress guests. Our simple and affordable recipes will help you to create your own very scary menu that will appeal not only to kids, but also to the most sophisticated adults. Original food and drinks brewed according to a comic recipe for potions will turn home Halloween into a bright, incendiary party that will be remembered for a long time and will make the most pleasant impression on everyone.

    What to cook for Halloween - recipes for dinner on video

    Not sure what to cook for Halloween? Then this video clip with recipes for delicious dishes, decorated in the best traditions of the most horrible and frightening horror stories, will help you. The names of exotic delicacies sound in strict accordance with the theme of an unusual celebration. As the main hot Halloween food, guests are served "Mummy" - chicken fillet cutlets with garlic and onion, baked in an oven with hard cheese. The skull serves as a "Skull" - juicy crushed potatoes, with a thick and spicy mushroom sauce. And complement the dishes of "Bones" - puff pastry with spinach and tender Adyghe cheese, cooked according to an old recipe. Of the drinks to these dishes fit all sorts of alcoholic cocktails, if the event is attended only by adults. Well, and children should pour carrot or pumpkin-apple juice, which is not only very good for health, but also perfectly falls in color in characteristic shades of Halloween.

    Halloween recipes with photos - original dishes

    Halloween recipes with photos are usually creative, but not in terms of ingredients, but in terms of food design.You can offer friends and family even the most familiar dish made according to your own signature recipe. The main thing is to decorate it with a creepy style and effectively serve on a beautiful tableware. For example, ordinary stuffed eggs, cooked according to the classic recipe, will turn into a real witch's treat on Halloween if you decorate them on top with spiders cut from large black olives.


    A prosaic rice and beef pilaf, the recipe of which almost all housewives know, will become a real highlight of the festive program for Halloween, if it is packaged in bright orange, red and yellow peppers and offered to guests who come to you for Halloween. To give the dish a special “eeriness”, the recipe advises to cut scary physiognomies or sarcastic grinning faces in front of the peppers with a sharp knife.


    Very unusual and catchy looks on the table, covered for Halloween, a traditional pizza. For filling, you can use all your favorite components: bacon, ham, ketchup, sausage, vegetables, anchovies, etc. But the spectacular and eye-catching dish will make the exterior decor - a web of hard cheese, inside which sits a huge black spider.Even the most sophisticated guests will never miss the opportunity to feast on such an exotic treat at a buffet table in honor of Halloween.


    DIY Halloween Food - Recipe Video

    What to cook from food on Halloween with their own hands, so that all the guests, literally, are stunned? The author of the video recipe brings to your attention a sweet dish called "Edible eyes." Guests, of course, will be amazed, and someone, perhaps, will even be frightened to see on the festive table so realistic and scary dessert. But, if at first some do not dare to try the food, then from it, as they say, you will not drag the ears, especially the children.

    The recipe for dessert for Halloween is the simplest ingredients: gelatin, syrup, milk, sugar and dark chocolate candy. Well, how to give all these components the shape of human eyes, the author of the video-recipe will tell in detail. Just keep in mind that you will have to prepare the dish at least 8-10 hours before Halloween, since gelatin should be very well frozen. Then the dessert will look as natural as possible and will be able to keep a clear shape for a long time.

    Halloween recipes for kids - interesting and unusual

    What is interesting, unusual, and, of course, you can prepare a sweet for kids on Halloween, tell this simple video recipe. The author proposes to pamper kids with tasty, bright and attractive buns-spiders. Such an original delicacy will appeal not only to preschool children and teenagers, but also to students who have come to the Halloween home party. And none of the adults will miss the opportunity to devour a spider from butter dough, chocolate paste, marshmallow and other tasty ingredients. In the preparation of dessert for Halloween there are no special tricks, so it is worthwhile to involve children in the process. They will surely enjoy messing around in the kitchen with various sweet ingredients and turning dough blanks into cute, fun and funny spiders.

    Recipes for Halloween - scary and tasty

    The main thing that distinguishes the recipes of Halloween dishes from all the others is an extraordinary serving. The more creative, bold and brightly decorated food, the more impressive it looks on the festive table. The most unusual fantasies and creative ideas are welcomed. For example, shortbread biscuits with long, pointed nails can be given to shortbread cookies and called it “Witch's claw”.Having seen such a dish, each guest will wish to try it under a cup of coffee or a glass of red, like blood of wine. And the ladies will even ask the hostess for a recipe, in order to pamper their home with an exotic delicacy.


    A very realistic and truly awful look on a table set for Halloween, a salad called “Brain” placed in a deep plate. If the room where the meal takes place is dark enough, then people with weak nerves may even be frightened to see the dishes with such dishes in front of them. In order to avoid an awkward situation during the celebration of Halloween and all those present will experience only positive emotions, this point should be taken into account when setting the table. If a society of persistent and not very impressionable people has gathered at the Halloween party, the food will certainly become the highlight of the menu and will cause stormy delight to those present.


    Sandwiches for a festive Halloween buffet can be made extremely frightening, giving them a resemblance to graves decorated with tombstones. Submit this "beauty" is appropriate both on serving plates, and on a large dish.The main thing is to make sure that the guests who came to Halloween normally perceive black humor and have the ability to look at even the most serious things with irony.


    Halloween recipes - simple do-it-yourself sweets

    If there is no time for a lengthy and extensive preparation of the menu for Halloween, simple recipes of delicious, festive sweets will come to the rescue. Following the prompts of the video clip, you will learn to make with your own hands a very spectacular and unusual cookie called “Eyeball” and snack “Witch brooms”. And in order to make the tasting more enjoyable, the authors propose to wash down the delicacies with a cocktail of worms prepared for Halloween using a simple recipe based on tarragon and marmalade.

    Halloween recipes are a scary dinner menu

    In a very scary menu on Halloween include recipes, creepy and by name, and in appearance. Such design options for the table are very popular at youth parties, where guys and girls gather who are well aware of all sorts of scarecrows, sarcasm and black humor.


    Older people do not like too much the recipes of dishes in the form of cut off fingers, skulls or mummies and most often prepare their own hands for Halloween more simple and optimistic dishes.For children, they bake themed cookies, cook hearty pumpkin soups, or make unusual magic drinks using funny potion recipes, which usually include lemonade, syrup, ice cream and other tasty ingredients. After all, the goal of Halloween is that the attendees can have a good time and have a good time, and not get psychological stress, finding an object in their plate that is disgusting.

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