• "Marry" - not the most attractive thing in the world

    What is attractive marriage know, it would seem, everything. And what is it not attractive? What are more and more often girls not aspiring to wear a wedding ring and wedding dress? How did it disappoint those who once visited there and therefore again do not want to tie themselves together?

    Option One - Career

    Rationalism at all times was a factor determining the behavior of women in society, and if earlier it was rational for women to get married as soon as possible in order to gain a position in society and financial stability, now this choice is not always the right one from the point of view of rationalism. Time has changed, and the ration factor has changed. No, the consumer attitude towards men has not disappeared, and it will not disappear, but more and more women are attracted to something else - independence and complete freedom of action.
    Now, to obtain status and financial independence, it is not so much a wide back of a husband that is necessary as a hard crust about higher education and a rapid career ladder.Combining education and career with family responsibilities is extremely tiring. Therefore, for many women, it is psychologically more comfortable to leave family life “for later” and devote themselves to career growth, which brings both personal satisfaction and financial well-being.

    Option Two - Disappointment

    “Marriage is not to be attacked, if only it’s not to be married” - such folk wisdom is often shared with unmarried friends by those who have at least one divorce experience. Banal truth, but no less true from this - all the fairy tales about beautiful princes and princesses and their unearthly love end with a wedding because it is impossible to invent a fabulous life: life begins everyday - with snoring at night, crying children, relationships with her mother-in-law.
    Garbage removal and illness, domestic responsibilities and the difference in temperaments, characters, outlook on life, strange habits and gaps in the education of those who become a companion for many years - all this is not always possible to overcome, not everything can get used to and get used to. Therefore, not all women are willing to sacrifice their own psychological comfort to achieve a mythical family idyll. Indeed, in the life of the already enough problems.

    Option Three - did not work out

    The reasons for the “did not work out” can be a mass, and so different and individual that it’s hard to imagine: from the banal it wasn’t waiting for its one and only prince on a white horse to - each next one would be definitely better than the previous one.
    And loneliness is addictive, especially if a woman develops, and men encountered on the way prefer to remain psychologically at the level of 13-year-olds, and get stuck intellectually at best in the times of their mature youth. And looking at such here - "lagging behind" somewhere on a long road - women are not ready to give up their loneliness. Because ... - yes: marriage is not the most attractive thing in the world. Especially when there is music, wine, chocolate, free sex and travel.
    In this case, you can always remember one excellent advice of the heroine of the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” - if you really want to marry, there is a 100% option: “you must look for your husband in the cemetery”.

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