• Geranium Bead

    Beadwork as an art has a centuries-old history, and the first experiments with wire and gizmos resembling beads, have appeared since the time of Antiquity. Many needlewomen look at them with admiration and at the same time with sadness, because not everyone can weave something like this - the technique of beading can be very difficult. A beautiful bouquet of bright red geraniums is very similar to real, lively flowers that will maintain a magnificent blossoming fork for many years.
     Geranium Bead
    Technics manufacturing is very simple and everyone can do it, you only need to have the following materials: -Branded vase; -Small red beads; -Thin wire; -Bold wire; -Mule green colors; -Glass balls.
     materials for geranium
    Cut a piece of thin wire 20-30 cm long and start string 14 beads on it.
     string beads
    You got the first loop,which you need to fix, twisting the ends of the wire together.
     turned out the first loop
    Now from one of the ends of the wire, start to thread the second loop, which will consist of 8- mi beads.
     start to string the second loop
    Fix the beads. The second loop turned out to be smaller than the first, so it needs to be placed on top of a large loop.
     Fix the beads
    For this analogue, perform another 3 double loops. In total, you should have 4 large loops and 4 small ones.
     follow 3 more double loops
    One geranium twig will consist of 14 -they flowers, so weave the remaining 13 copies in the same way. The length of the wire may not be important: some ends may be very long, and others quite short.
     One branch of geranium will be
    Now start wrapping the flower in floss green flower.So the threads will mask the copper wire and give the flowers a lively look.
     winding a leg
    Do this procedure with the remaining flowers and put them together. Begin to form a bouquet. Attach a thick wire-leg to the thin flower legs. This can be done with the help of threads or thin wire.
     with remaining flowers
    The final natural look of the geranium twig will be given by green threads, which must be wrapped around the whole leg with a thick layer .
     green threads
    Any vase does not hold the weight of a bead bouquet without additional filling for the bottom. Place the glass balls in the vase. If you don’t have those, you can use any small heavy objects.
     glass balls into a vase
    Make a geranium flower on a long stem so that it completely touched the bottom of the vase.
     Geranium Bead
    Make four more flowers.If the vase is small, there may be only 3 geranium twigs, and if its neck is wide enough, increase their number to seven. The main thing is your desire and patience.
     Geranium Bead
    Place your masterpiece in the most prominent place. As a supplement, you can attach a beautiful butterfly made of beads or other material on one of the flowers. It is necessary to care for such bouquets at least once a month so that the beads do not become a dust collector. To beads did not lose the original luster, try to limit the ingress of moisture. You can remove the dust with an ordinary brush for painting.
     Geranium Bead

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