• Funny toy "squirrel"

    Surely each of us already knows that in stores or supermarkets now you can see a strange vodka, which is called "Belochka". That vodka, which was mentioned on one of his speeches by the famous satirist Mikhail Zadornov. I will give you a photograph of that very vodka, so that you can see what such a squirrel looks like. Under it reads: "I came!".
    Some elements on the label glow in vodka in the dark:
     Vodka glows in the dark
    From there we took the idea for work, but only decided to make it so that it looked harmless. I present to you a photo of the finished crafts:
     Finished toy
    This funny toy is created against alcoholism and drunkenness. I give a list of everything we needed to make a squirrel: 1. Hood from an old leather coat; 2.Scissors, thread, needle; 3. Tweezers, cotton wool, beads, glue; 4. Paper for an image of a model.
    Here is the model of the toy:
    Retract the head model from two sides on a separate sheet of paper, cutting out:
    Split each model with scissors into three parts, signing the sides of each of them in order to assemble correctly when sewing:
    Head by Pieces
    Here are the models of the body and legs:
     Torso and foot
    Now we take the hood and carefully cut off the fur part sewn from two sides:
    Take paper samples of the head and pin them to the trimmed part of the hood:
     We pin the samples
    Carefully cut them, leaving areas along the edges for stapling:
    Cut the samples
    Pinning samples from the other side of the head:
     The Other Side
    Sewing together the samples,make eyes out of beads:
     The resulting samples
    Next, cut out the ears that fit to the head:
    On we will make the upper tips of the ears tassels of fur, but before sewing the fur, we glue it so that it does not crumble:
     Paste the tassels
    Sew together outside with m clothed:
    The resulting ears
    Now we make the back of the head and the back of the squirrel's head, using only one piece of matter:
     Occipital part
    This is how the finished head will look like:
     The resulting head
    Internally To the side of our material, taken for cutting, there is a lot of wool. This wool half filled the squirrel's head, and it took half the amount of cotton wool.
     Fill with cotton
    Cut out a piece of fabric of a suitable size,we form the lower part of the squirrel's head:  Sewing on fabric
     Finished head
     Finished head
    Now we take up the fabrication of the trunk . Cutting the sample into two parts, take turns cutting the constituent segments of the trunk from the fabric: /9/638-obrazec-tulovischa.jpg "alt =" Sample Torso "title =" Sample Torso "> Here are all the tissue segments that make up the torso:
    Fabric Segments
    Now we match the matching patterns and stitch them together:
     We match the models
    Stitched models
    Combining both these sides into one, you will get a body:
     Ready Torso
    Next we sew the finished body to the head and fill it with cotton wool:  Sewing the finished torso Making the legs:
     Stitched legs

    Sewing feet to the toy:
     Sew on paws
    Make a sample for the underside of the body on a piece of paper, then pin it to the fabric and cut it out, and then sew it on to the toy. We also do the front legs.
     Pattern for the bottom side
    We sew foot patterns

    Finished legs
    Sew ready front paws to a squirrel:
     We sew the legs to the squirrel
    Now we take a small piece of fabric with fur and cut off a small part of it:
     Cut a piece of fur fabric
    We form several pieces of fur from it and wrap the neck of one squirrel with one of them, and then sew its edges (t. e.,not stitching to the toy itself):
     Fur Shreds
     We attach the scraper
    Now we cut off a piece of fur fabric that fits in size to our toy, and take a thick wire. These things are needed for the manufacture of the tail:
     A piece of fur fabric
    We determine the required wire size, giving the wire a suitable size for the tail. Insert the bottom tip inside the toy, bending it down strongly:
     Insert the wire into the toy
    The old seam in the fur piece of fabric should be cut and a new one should be made and then put it on a wire to form a tail:
     We sew fur fabric
     We put fur on the wire y
    Remove the excess sticking wire and sew the tail to the almost finished toy:
     Sew a tail
    If desired, on top of the beaded eyes of the squirrel you can apply a thin layer of fluorescent paint (paint basedphosphorescent pigment accumulating light energy when illuminated). In the dark, these paints give off the accumulated energy of light. After processing the eyes, the beads on top can be pasted over with transparent tape. Let's start making the platform for our toy. On this platform will be the inscription: "I came!". We take three - four cardboard sheets, several sheets of colored paper, glue and scissors:
    Colored paper and cardboard
    Cut out rectangular shapes of cardboard paper that match the size of cardboard sheets for six sides of the future platform and glue them together:
    The first side of the platform

    This is the side New sides:
     The sides of the platform
    We paste colored paper to the cardboard rectangles:
     Glue colored paper
    On a separate side we compose the inscription:
     We compose the inscription
    Now we make the inscription "Squirrel".On the reverse side of the prepared paper, we write letters:
     We make the word
    Cut out the letters, assemble them and glue them with tape:
     We glue the word
    Pasting adhesive tape over surfaces on all rectangles. We assemble and glue together a scotch tape outside and inside the platform, putting something inside it so that the cardboard platform does not bend under the weight of the toy (book, cloth):
    >img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/9/667-skleivaem-platformu.jpg" alt="We glue the platform" title="We glue the platform">
    Now if you wish, you can make a bump of cardboard and colored paper:
     Paper for the cones
    We fold the paper with the harmonica and draw a cone-scale on it and then a cutout eating:
    Scale cones
    We glue the first circle of scales:
     We glue the scales
    Then we take a thick gypsy needle and pierce through the center of our "bumps", after which, with a blade or knife, sharpen the sharp end of a pre-prepared match,we introduce this match in the punctured section of the "bumps":
     Entering the match
    Next, we just make more and more new scales, and in turn we put each of them into a match:
    We plant scales
    When the knob is ready, we insert its sharp end into the hole punctured by the needle in the platform:

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