• Funny kitten fridge magnet

    Often you want to please relatives and friends with some cute thing. Or just do something so that it was functional and just pleasing to the eye. Such a cute and quite simple souvenir can be a funny kitten-magnet on the refrigerator. To make it, you will need: a piece of dense material (felt, flannel or wool) of bright color 15 cm x 25 cm; - a piece of white loose fabric (coarse calico or flannel) of 3 cm x 5 cm; - threads in the tone of the main fabric (or approximate in color to it); - white threads, - threads are black, br>- magnet, needle - super glue filler (sintepon, cotton, etc.). On a large piece of fabric on the front side, draw a shape with a pencil outlines in the form of a kitten's body. Then cut out these two small figures of the future souvenir.  Funny kitten-magnet on the refrigerator
    The height of them should be about 15 cm, width - about 10 cm. From coarse calico cut two small circles with a diameter of a centimeter.On the front side of one of the patterns, sew up these white circles-eyes, embroider the pupils on them.
     Funny kitten-fridge magnet
    Then sew the spout, cilia, mustache , mouth cat. Fold the two patterns face up to each other and sew between each other from the wrong side. You do not need to stitch it to the end - leave the area 3-4 cm in order to turn out the stitched figures. Turn them onto the front side and fill them tightly with filler.
     Funny kitten magnet on the fridge
    Then neatly sew an unsewn seam unstitched hole side of the toy. Spread the filler evenly inside the belly of the toy. Make a small bow out of a white piece of fabric (about 3 cm x 2 cm).
     Funny kitten magnet on the refrigerator
    Then sew this white fabric bow under the muzzle in front .
    Funny kitten magnetics on the refrigerator
    Back on the back of the toys stick withsuper glue magnet. Let the glue dry thoroughly. Everything, a little cute souvenir made with your own hands is ready.
    Funny kitten- fridge magnet
     Funny kitten-magnet on the refrigerator

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