• Forced ventilation

    What does inlet ventilation and its working principle mean?


    Supply ventilation is a form of forced (mechanical) ventilation designed to supply fresh outside air inside the building with the help of special air-injection devices, which use fans of various types and capacities. At the same time entering the room outside air can be pre-cleaned and heated.

    The functioning of this system is based on the interaction with two different air streams, which are conducted through established ducts. Depending on the power and throughput of the mechanisms involved, a given volume of air masses is processed. All working units and equipment are located inside a single building, which can be assembled in any convenient place: on the outer wall, attic or attic.

    Good air exchange in the living room is a must. It is not always possible to organize effective ventilation of the house in a natural way.In such a situation, forced ventilation Brizer-vozduh66 is considered one of the best options for residential premises.

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