• Folk remedies for herpes

    You will need
    • - paper;
    • - matches;
    • - raspberry branches;
    • - Kalanchoe juice;
    • - “Valocordin”;
    • - earwax;
    • - cotton buds;
    • - salt;
    • - garlic;
    • - yogurt;
    • - instant coffee;
    • - flour;
    • - honey
    Take a sheet of white uncoated paper and roll it into a cone shape, set it on a plate. To ensure complete fire safety, you should put a plate in the sink or bath, so ka paper will have to burn. Bring the lit match to the top of the paper, when the cone is half burned, tilt it into the sink from the plate. On the dishes should remain condensed resin golden. Quickly remove it with a clean finger from the plate and apply it to the affected area. This tool will shorten the treatment time by several times. If you use this recipe at the very beginning of the appearance of herpes blisters, then the disease may not turn into an active form.
    To cope with herpes, you can use fresh raspberry branches.Cut the raspberry branch, rinse it thoroughly under running water and cut it into small pieces (one or two centimeters). Chew in your mouth to a slurry. Then apply it to the affected area. Crimson branches contain polyphenolic substances that suppress the herpes virus. You can fight herpes on the lips with the help of freshly squeezed Kalanchoe juice, lubricate them with bubbles as often as possible.
    Herpes will subside if it is moistened several times a day with a heart preparation, Valocordin. When the first signs of herpes appear on the lips, it is recommended to remove some earwax with a cotton swab (or wrap cotton on a match), gently rub it into the problem area. After three such procedures, herpes becomes much less.
    As a folk remedy for the fight against herpes, you can use regular table salt (but only if the herpes appeared due to hypothermia of the body). It is sufficient to apply several grains of fine salt to the bubbles that have appeared. Herpes healing after this will occur much faster.In addition, put on the tongue every hour a little salt, when it is completely dissolved, swallow it. If you suffer from kidney disease, then this method of treatment should not be applied.
    Here is another effective recipe for herpes: take two cloves of garlic, peel it and grate it on a fine grater.

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