• Flower for curtains

    The interior of the apartment plays a big role in human life. Sometimes even the smallest details can significantly raise the spirits and bring comfort, which is so necessary for the inhabitants of the metropolis. Sometimes, even such a trifle as pickup for curtains, can radically change the look of the room. But to find in stores suitable strings in color, texture and price, sometimes very difficult. That is why, it is better to do their own creation. It took me to work:
    • satin ribbon 2.5cm wide;
    • scissors;
    • pencil;
    • ruler;
    • lighter;
    • beads;
    • clothespin for curtains.
    • I needed
      First of all we cut the ribbon into 6 cm lengths. I say right away, they took a lot of them!
      cut the ribbon into segments
      Now we carefully watch and catch m thought. We cut the length in half lengthwise, inside out and cut off the corner with a bend, like this.
       cut the corner with a bend
      Cut the upper left corner.The edges are carefully fastened with a lighter or a soldering iron. We get a corner here.
       We get here such a corner
      Let's deal with the opposite side. We connect its ends so that the ring turns out. It is necessary to fold face down. We fix all this with fire.
       Fix it all with fire
      So you need to redo all the segments.
       remake all segments
      When all the preparatory work is completed, we begin to collect the flower. As a basis, you can use cardboard. When choosing the diameter of the base, do not forget that it will eventually increase by at least 10 cm due to the petals.  As a basis
    After drawing the pre-circles, we start to paste the petals to the base. It's better to make a cross first, and then fill in the spaces.
     make a cross
    So, gradually glue the whole base.
     glue the whole base
    At the center of the flower I also assign a role.For this, I took a piece of tape 20cm, scissors and a lighter.
     tape cut
    Gently cut with scissors along the entire length up to about the middle, and slightly scorched the ends.
    made cuts along the entire length
    Then drop a drop of glue on the ball from the pin and apply to the whole edge of the tape from the wrong side.
     drop a drop of glue
    Thus, gradually adding glue, twist the entire tape. Immediately after twisting, I carefully pulled the needle and glued the resulting center into the center of the flower.
     pasted the resulting centerpiece
    pasted the resulting center
    Now, the top of the middle is plentifully filled with glue and glue beads on it. In this case, such a middle of a ribbon is not an ornament, but a stand for beads. They are almost on par with the petals and look more harmonious.
     glue the beads
    The flower itself is collected,Now it's time to think about clamping. In this case, you can use any device that can collect your curtains. Most often use hairpins, but I was lucky, because I was free one special clothespin. I glued it to the back of the flower with the help of glue.
     glued curtain clip
    And this is how my curtain now looks like amazing flower.
     Flower for curtains

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