• Felt Christmas tree toy

    New Year's décor plays an important role in preparing for the most magical holiday, and decorations made with your own hands are part of the magic. Just imagine, using fabric, scissors, threads and ribbons, you can create an unusual exclusive toy on a spruce that will be pleasing to the eye. its bright colors evoke imagination and contribute to the realization of ideas. Your attention is presented to the master class on making a Christmas ball of felt. Even an inexperienced master or schoolboy can cope with its manufacture. So, you will need:
    • felt - 2 sheets of different shades at will,
    • threads to the tone floss or ordinary,
    • sequins (colors optional) - 25-30 pieces,
    • ribbon - 15 cm,
    • synthetic winterizer,
    • scissors, needle and cardboard.
    Starting the creative process, remember that in this case there are no clear boundaries.Any master class can be modified if you wanted to add something during sewing. From a cardboard, you need to cut a circle with a diameter of 8-9 cm and an internal part in the form of a polyhedron or asterisk. Then, using templates, carve out 2 circles and 2 polyhedra — in this case, pink and white details are obtained.
     Christmas felt toy
     Christmas Felt Toy
     Christmas felt toy
     Felt Christmas Tree
    Now, sew a smaller part to a larger conventional sweeper stitch Then decorate both sides with paillettes, you can place them anywhere. Next, it remains to sew the two parts with a loop stitch around the circle. Before reaching the end, tamp down a synthetic winterizer inside the toy, continuing to sew the sides. Before you fix the thread, take the ribbon, fold it in half and sew inside the ball.
     Christmas felt toy
    Christmas felt toy
     Christmas felt toy
    Felt Christmas Tree Toy
    Fir-tree felt toy
     Christmas felt toy
    In this process coming to an end, and you can be congratulated - you have coped with the sewing of a Christmas tree toy made of felt, which will surely become the annual decoration of your Christmas tree!

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