• Figured ram with jigsaw machine

    The artistic cutting out of wooden handicrafts is one of the most popular types of decorative art available to a creative person who does not have special education and training. Original craftsmen-vypilovshchiki create from wooden blanks and plywood patterned lace and decorative crafts, toys and furnishings for the benefit and fun. Cutting out with the help of a modern jigsaw machine greatly facilitates the work of the master, since such equipment allows to obtain even cuts with excellent quality of the processed surface. By adjusting the speed of the machine, and changing the thickness of the saw blade, it is possible to achieve perfectly accurate cuts even on thick wood. Crafts made independently preserve the warmth of the hands of the master and his good energy, so this gift is doubly valuable. And if it is also a magic symbol, such as a sign of the zodiac, for example, then it is endowed with a special power,which will not only please the owner, but also protect him. Starting work should be done by printing a picture that will become a model for future crafts. The drawing should be clear and made in full size.
     Drawing of a ram
    Paste the resulting image with temporary glue or plain flour paste on the prepared wooden base of the appropriate size and allow to dry In one hour. In this case, a dry pine plank 20mm thick is used for work.
     dry pine plank is used
    Then we proceed directly to the sawing process. To do this, the Silver Reverse No. 5 file is installed in the clips of the machine. Begin work from the edge located as close as possible to the pasted picture.
     to the cutting process
    Logging evenly, without much pressure, move along the horizontal surface to the file along the line of the picture, exactly repeating the outlines of the image.On steep bends and sharp corners, the file should perform frequent short movements, and the workpiece should move more slowly to properly adjust the cutting direction.
     adjust the cutting direction
    When the product is cut along the contour, you can proceed to the implementation of internal cuts, just keeping to the intended line. Thus, we will get not just a figure, but an ingenious puzzle, which will be interesting for both children and adults.
     internal cuts
    Step by step we split our toy into separate parts , trying to accurately and accurately perform the cut.
    we crush our toy
    At the end of the work on the machine, you should get 14 intricate details that quite remotely resemble the original model.
    intricate details
    The next stage of work is the removal of glued paper from wooden parts. This is easy to do with a brush dipped in water.The paper is soaked and freely removed from the wooden surface.
     removing paper from wooden parts
    Now, the parts should be dried a little and proceed to sanding when sandpaper No. 320. Processing is performed along wood fibers until the surface of each part becomes smooth. We carefully process cuts, as these are the most difficult areas that require special care and patience.
     go to polishing
    Grinded parts are covered with water-based furniture acrylic varnish dries quickly, preserves the natural color of the tree and does not yellow over time. This type of coverage is environmentally friendly, which is especially important because our crafts, in addition to the decorative function, play the role of a children's toy.
     are covered with acrylic varnish
    After drying the varnish, you can proceed to build crafts.
     ram figurine machine
    Such a figure will be a good gift for both an adult and a child NKU.The puzzle game will teach children concentration and logical thinking, will develop memory, imagination and fine motor skills of fingers. Assembling the model for a while will bring the element of competition into fun entertainment and will cause a lot of positive emotions among the players.

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