• Fairy tales

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    Eva Zapolsky
    Eva Zapolsky
    Answered 19 march 2015 10:30
    At the heart of the story of a fairy tale is the story of overcoming loss or shortage, with the help of wonderful tools, or magic helpers. In the exposition of the tale there are stably 2 generations - the eldest (the king with the queen, etc.) and the younger - Ivan with brothers or sisters. Also on display is the absence of the older generation. The enhanced form of absences is the death of parents. The tale of the tale is that the main character or heroine reveals a loss or shortage, or there are motives of prohibition, violation of prohibition and subsequent trouble. Here is the beginning of the opposition, that is, sending the hero from home. The development of the plot is a search for the lost or the missing. The culmination of a fairy tale is that the protagonist or heroine fights with the opposing force and always defeats her (the equivalent of a battle is solving difficult tasks that always solve). The outcome is overcoming loss, or shortage. Usually, the hero (heroine) at the end “prevails” - that is, he acquires a higher social status than he had at the beginning. For example, "Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf", "The Frog Princess", etc. - This is a fairy tale.

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