• Engraving hieroglyphs in a frame with backlight

    Materials and tools:

    1. plexiglass with a thickness of 2 mm;
    2. LEDs;
    3. resistors;
    4. power supply (or batteries);
    5. switch;
    6. wooden boxes for the frame;
    7. dremel;
    8. drill and drill;
    9. printer;
    10. soldering iron.

    Step 1

    Let's get started, cut out of plexiglass 2 rectangles of the same size, process the edges with fine emery paper. For ease of engraving, we print hieroglyphs (or an image) on the printer, we impose engraving on the plexiglass and dremel.

    Step 2

    We make and assemble a frame from wooden bars (available in the store). In the box we make grooves to insert plexiglass, as well as for wires, LEDs and batteries.

    Step 3

    We assemble the frame, set the top and bottom LEDs, lay the wires. Electrician solder soldering iron: LED-resistor-power. Set in the "circuit" switch. We check that everything is collected correctly.

    Engraving hieroglyphs in a frame with backlightingis ready, choose a place and hang it or put it on a table, for example.

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