• The ancient Romans started the meal with a raw egg, and from here the expression came from the very beginning (“ab оvo”). But for the first time, the Romans did not eat eggs for the first time, even the ancient people appreciated the tasty and nutritious content of bird eggs. With the domestication of wild chickens in cooking, the first egg dishes appeared. In the world they cooked eggs in different ways, so in ancient Egypt they were wrapped in a special fabric and twisted quickly, it turned out - soft-boiled. The ancient Chinese kept eggs warm for more than a month - and on the table, the kingly ladies were served eggs practically with black protein, this dish is still considered one of the delicacies of Chinese cuisine. For a long time in Russian cuisine, an egg was considered a rustic and simple food, and a large amount of this valuable product was far from being used for food purposes: for rituals, conspiracies, making paints. And only under the influence of French cuisine in Russia appeared recipes from eggs. Now you can count thousands, many of which will adequately decorate the festive table, but most prefer to use soft-boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and omelette.And it is with these primitive dishes that some girls simply destroy their marriage. And just need to open a cookbook or go to the Internet, where there are delicious egg dishes with photos and a detailed description of the preparation. For example, egg pate in Hungarian, eggs baked with tomatoes, egg roll with mushrooms and cheese, stuffed eggs royally, etc. - all at once and not cook. But even a simple soft-boiled egg is surprisingly useful, nutritionists recommend using this product because it has many nutrients that a person needs. The yolk is especially valuable; it contains fats unsaturated with fatty acids, vitamins A, B, D, E, groups B, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. Therefore, cooking eggs should be a good tradition in the kitchen of any hostess. By the way, all of the above applies not only to the usual for us chicken and eggs, because in different countries they eat eggs of thrush, ostrich, gull, swan, penguin and other exotic birds for us. And in our supermarkets you can buy quail, duck, ostrich eggs. Cooking historians have about 3,000 egg recipes worldwide.And not all of us can cook in our kitchen, for example, thousands of years of Chinese eggs or Japanese black, cooked in sources with a high content of sulfur. This is not a reason to be upset, we can always please our loved ones and relatives with a nutritious breakfast, an exquisite lunch, a light dinner. And let inspiration be the recipes of dishes with photos of eggs that you find on Woman’s Day.

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