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    Golden grain - a symbol of prosperity, abundance, wealth, confidence in the future. How is the dreamed grain interpreted, prompted by dream books.

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    What dreams of grain
    What dreams of grain

    Old dream book

    Many grains in a dream - a sign of good luck and prosperity. Grains of millet - to abundance, barley - to the benefit, rice - to the fulfillment of desires, a successful marriage; oats - for gifts.

    Female dream book

    To dream of grain promises fun, entertainment, success and luck in business, and for girls - an indispensable good acquaintance with a decent man and a happy life together with him.


    The grain in a dream is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, a big harvest worthy of reward for work, a successful outcome of official and love affairs.

    A pile of grain - to prosperity, abundance, luck.

    Scattered grain - to a quarrel.

    Ukrainian dream book

    Grain in a dream - to success; rye - to sadness; shipping - to pregnancy or a large income; to thresh - a sign of greed; sow - to profit; keep your palms close to danger.

    Chinese dream book

    Keeping grains in handfuls in a dream is a sign of wealth growth and promotion; receive or buy - to happy events in life; heaped rice grains - the forerunner of happiness, scattered - a warning of impending misfortune.


    To sprinkle the grain in a dream - a warning about small material losses; rake in handful - to colds with a cold and cough; many grains - foreshadowing of honor, few - to treat with a drink; sprouted grains - to difficult times; grain peck birds - ahead of a difficult and poor period.

    Dream dream bitch

    Dream Dream interprets the grain as a symbol of well-being, health, luck, strong friendship with pleasant and reliable people, harmonious marriage.

    To see the threshing of grain - to the joy of the success of friends, to thresh himself - to success in all endeavors.

    Seeing a damp or rotting grain - a warning about the threat to your well-being and material losses due to your own fault, be careful in business.

    Gnawed grain mice - to the loss due to conflicts with your environment; pecked by birds - to losses due to unnecessary fuss; left or lost - be careful, you miss some important details.

    Big Dream

    What dreams of grain: strong, whole - to good luck, success in business, a good harvest; spoiled - to hard work; germinated - to profit; in the bins - to prosperity and long prosperity; in the bag - to a stable income; many bags - to abundance.

    Choose grain from ears - to receive a blessing; scatter - to quarrel on their own initiative; sell - good luck in business; buy - to the loss of property.

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