• Does the hospital in the experience?

    Vladislav Meriin
    Vladislav Meriin
    December 28, 2012
    Does the hospital in the experience?

    This issue is one of the most relevant in the calculation of labor pensions. It is not enough to work hard, you still need to prove that the person has been working all this time. In this article we will find out whether the hospital is in the experience: labor and insurance.

    The regulatory framework, on the basis of which the calculation of length of service is made, is very complex and confusing, sometimes even experienced personnel managers cannot judge some controversial points.

    Many documents

    According to the “Rules for confirmation and calculation of insurance experience” (they are included in the third chapter of the Federal Law “On labor pensions in the Russian Federation”), the insurance experience must include: the term of work under an employment contract; a period of municipal, civil, or public service; and the period in which employees were subject to compulsory social health insurance.

    In accordance with the aforementioned Federal Law, the sizes of labor pensions are calculated taking into account the total work experience and earnings received by a citizen (but only until January 1, 2002).The amount of insurance premiums paid by the employer and recorded on the individual account of a citizen after January 1, 2002 is also taken into account. In this way, the length of service received after January 2002 is not involved in calculating the labor pension, only the amounts of insurance premiums are important.

    Sick pay

    We will find out how the hospital allowance will be paid depending on the length of the insurance period:

    • If your insurance experience is less than six months, the benefit is paid in an amount that can not be more than the minimum wage;
    • If the insurance experience is more than six months, but less than 5 years, then you will receive 60% of the sick pay;
    • With experience from five to eight years, payment will be made in the amount of 80%;
    • And if the insurance experience is more than 8 years, then the sick-list will be paid in full.

    Proceeding from all this, we can calculate the accrual of experience and sick pay - useful information, is not it?

    Well, now we know whether the hospital is in the experience: yes, it is. Moreover, we can calculate for ourselves how our hospital will be paid if we are suddenly ill. But it is not necessary to hurt anyway, especially if you have a small insurance experience. So be healthy!

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