• Do not read the flash drive, what to do?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    December 19, 2014
    Do not read the flash drive, what to do?

    The computer may not read the flash drive for a variety of reasons. Consider the most basic of them and analyze what to do in each situation.

    Disable flash drive

    If the computer does not read the USB flash drive, then there is a high probability that it burned. To accurately verify this, it is recommended to test the USB flash drive on another PC.

    Also about the failure of the flash drive can talk LED. It is present on the top of many such devices. If, after installing the USB flash drive, the USB port is not lit, it means that the device has burned down and you need to buy a new USB flash drive.

    USB port inoperability

    If the computer does not read the USB flash drive, then the case may be the inoperability of the USB port used. Try installing another device into it and make sure that it works correctly. An alternative option is to connect a USB flash drive to another USB port, because there are several of them on laptops and computers.

    Antivirus software

    If your flash drive is infected with malware, then the antivirus system may block access to it.There is only one way out - turn off security software and put the device back into the USB port. If after that the flash drive will work, then the reason is in malware. It is recommended to copy all files from the flash drive to the PC (scan them with antivirus software before opening them) and then format it.

    BIOS settings

    In some PCs, USB ports are disabled in BIOS settings. Because of this, the operating system does not read flash drives. To fix this, do the following:

    1. Start the computer and during the OS boot, press the F2 key.
    2. You will see a table with settings on a blue background.
    3. In it, select the Configuration USB command and set it to Enabled in front of it.
    4. Save your settings in the BIOS by clicking on Save and Exit.

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