• DIY artificial snow

    DIY artificial snowArtificial snow pleases many. But especially children will like it. This is a great decoration for the room and a beautiful Christmas tree. It all depends on what and how you want to decorate. With the help of artificial snow you can make a great Christmas decoration, as if inviting Winter to your house.

    Snow in winter can not please the children and adults. After all, he is a symbol of carefree childhood and the New Year holiday. Snowball is an attribute of any winter fun. He personifies joy, delight, enthusiasm and success.

    Want to get an amazing rapturous feeling of the holiday, then remember a sunny frosty day or a trip to the Christmas tree, which burns with bright lights. Stand together and feel the full force of those emotions that could not help but worry you. If there is no real snow, then artificial snow on the Christmas tree will do.

    Many parents want to make snow by themselves. How to do this? There are many different ways to create it from scrap materials that are in the house of every hostess and owner.

    Let's consider what you can make a snowball from:

    • Styrofoam;
    • diapers;
    • water;
    • cotton wool;
    • toilet paper;
    • white album paper;
    • laundry soap;
    • toilet paper;
    • salt;
    • baby powder;
    • sugar.

    Option number 1. Snow Foam

    DIY artificial snow

    Many wonder how to make artificial snow at home. Let's consider the easiest option. We will need foam plastic that needs to be chopped up into very small lumps. It is light, but strongly flies through the house. Let's collect it in a separate container. Our beautiful light snowball is ready.

    Option number 2. Snowball wool

    There is nothing easier than to buy cotton wool and crumble it into small lumps. This is a fairly simple and safe way. Excellent white decoration under the Christmas tree, which can be stored in a box and used for the next New Year.

    Option number 3. Snow powder from baby powder and soap

    We need to rub household white soap on a grater and sprinkle our future snowball with baby powder. It will be an excellent imitation of snow with our own hands, which can decorate what we have planned.

    Option number 4. White snow out of diapers

    Take any diapers.

    DIY artificial snow

    Let's cut it with scissors deep into. Gutting into the bowl the contents of its lining.

    And then add water to this material.Water will be added until such time as the material from the diaper does not swell. You can decorate not only a Christmas tree, but also surrounding objects with such a cute winter New Year snowball.

    Option number 5. Snow out of sugar

    DIY artificial snow

    Take in hand the object that we want to decorate with white snow. Fill it with sugar and moisten the sugar with water. Let's put it all freeze in the freezer. You can also make snow from salt. Such “frost” will delight all those who want to create a winter atmosphere.

    Snow can still be created by chemical means. But for the house, this option is not very good, because in no case should one take such snow by hand. And to be near such a chemical is also unsafe.

    The question of how to replace artificial snow remains open. Because ready-made artificial snow can be bought in the store, you can cook from improvised materials. But one thing is for sure - the main attribute of winter must be present in your house.

    So, if there is no desire to create snow or there are no necessary materials, you just need to find out where the artificial snow is sold and buy it.

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