• Diet Usama Hamdiy

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    October 12, 2011
    Diet Usama Hamdiy

    Any diet should be developed specifically for your body. Each person is unique, so you can not force your body to follow a diet that does not suit him. It can be dangerous for your health. Let's consider the diet of Professor Osama Hamdy. So:

    Diet Usama Hamdiy

    Here are the basic principles of the diet, following which you find that you lose weight by leaps and bounds:

    • Drink the maximum amount of water per day that you can.
    • Cook vegetables only in water. You can add pepper, salt, garlic and onions.
    • Oils and fats are strictly prohibited.
    • As drinks, you can use soda and diet soda in small quantities. You can drink it at any time. Also, you can drink coffee without sugar and milk. You can drink tea.
    • Strong hunger can be satisfied with cucumber, carrots or salad. Hunger should be satisfied not earlier than two hours after the last meal.
    • Do not change the diet in any case. Do not swap lunch with breakfast or dinner with lunch and so on. Do not replace the set of products with others.
    • If you did not find in the menu of the diet instructions on the amount of the product, then it can be used in any quantity.
    • If you stop using a diet, you will need to start over. So says Osama Hamdy.
    • It is advised to start the diet on Monday.

    At this link you will find the exact description of the Osama Hamdy diet:

    Diet Usama Hamdy. Reviews:

    "I sit on a diet on the 10th day, it took 5 kg (75 = 70), I was tired of eating eggs"Annie

    "I lost 5 kg in 3 weeks. hard for the first 2 days, and then normally and in the evenings there is no desire to eat at all. True, after the end of the diet, I began to eat as usual and the kg began to return. Now I'm going to eat it again"kira

    "There are too many eggs in this diet. People suffering from gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases can not use this diet."Mary

    "So, in the first week minus 6 kg
    I am very pleased. The diet is transferred very easily, I expect to throw off over the remaining 3 weeks 8kg"Lena

    "I have the third day. The first two suffered hard, with a headache .. Today I feel great! lightness appeared! I dined cottage cheese with tomato - it turned out to be very tasty!
    For 2 days or minus 2 kg. While the water goes! but I'm still glad!
    Go ahead!" Julia

    "Lit on this diet exactly 3 weeks out of four. Weight loss by 6 kg. I like the diet that does not spoil the stomach and pancreas at all. In March, even my husband sat on a diet, looking at my results. All 4 weeks, fastened and lost 10 kg. - from 117 to 107.

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