• Delicious gazpacho: all the secrets of cooking

    Gazpacho is one of the main dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine, this unusually tasty and savory recipe was born in a small province of Andalusia. Probably, it is not surprising that it was on the land of hot and temperamental Spain that such a hot, bright scarlet, but at the same time, cold tomato soup could have originated!

    During the exhausting heat, you absolutely do not want to eat warm, fatty and high-calorie foods, what in such a situation can be better than ice and at the same time incredibly tasty dish? And indeed, in the summer, a large variety of cold soups appears in many restaurants of the country: there you can find Russian okroshka, Bulgarian tarator and, of course, Spanish gazpacho.

    Classic Edition

    But in order to pamper yourself with such a special dish, it is not necessary to run to the nearest cafe or restaurant, it is enough to learn how to cook it yourself.

    Originally, gazpacho soup was an everyday meal for the poor,And the recipe of this dish was very different from the now traditional one: the Spaniards themselves call it “white” gazpacho, which was made from garlic, vinegar, bread and olive oil.

    As you can see, the usual tomatoes were not observed there, which is understandable, because before the discovery of America, Europe was not aware of the existence of such a beautiful red vegetable. The Spaniards themselves share the history of the gazpacho dish into two periods: before the appearance of tomatoes and after it.

    When the tomatoes appeared in everyday life of the Spaniards, they moved to a famous recipe, completely changing its taste and color. With the advent of the "red" gazpacho, the dish was no longer called food for the poor, and went straight to notable banquets and tables.

    By the way, what is interesting, the word "gazpacho" comes from a single Arabic word, which translates as "soaked bread." An interesting feature of this dish is its constant transformation and modification, you will probably never find one and the right recipe for this savory dish, because in every region and even in every house it is prepared in its own way.

    Thanks to the skill and constant experimentation of chefs from famous restaurants,the soup is constantly transformed, complemented by something new and unusual, for example, recipes made from cherries, watermelon, beets and many other ingredients are already quite tightly located.

    In order to figure out how to make a delicious gazpacho, we decided to bring you several different dish options and, having only tried each of them, you will be able to choose the one that will more reflect all your taste preferences.

    Gazpacho Recipe with Tomatoes and Peppers

    To make classic gazpacho at home you will need:

    • tomatoes - 5-6 pcs .;
    • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
    • sweet pepper - 2 pcs .;
    • served white bread - 2 slices;
    • cucumber - 1 piece;
    • olive oil - 2 tbsp. spoons;
    • red wine vinegar - 2 tbsp. spoons;
    • tomato juice - 1 glass;
    • Tobasco sauce;
    • salt, pepper, herbs for decoration.

    One of the main secrets of making a really tasty, bright and unforgettable soup is fresh and ripe ingredients. A cold soup of unripe or greenhouse tomatoes, stale pepper and sunflower oil, in the absence of olive oil, will introduce you to a completely different dish that is served even in the most modest cafe in Spain.

    Do not be lazy, buy homemade tomatoes, fresh peppers, preferably yellow or light green, as well as extra virgin olive oil. Now that you have stocked up with quality ingredients, you can start creating a cold gazpacho of tomatoes and sweet peppers.

    There are different options for serving meals

    To do this, you must first prepare the pepper - bake it whole in the oven until a light blush on the crust. Then it is necessary to remove the baked crust from the pepper, remove the internal seeds and cut the flesh into small cubes.

    Behind the pepper, scald the tomatoes and also peel them from the skin, then cut into small cubes. Now it's bread's turn - we cut off crusts from it and soak them in water until it is completely softened. Next, we clean cucumbers from the skin, it is better to choose a salad variety without a large accumulation of seeds inside. Cucumbers are also cut into small cubes.

    Now you need to turn all the vegetables into the total mass with the help of a blender, gradually adding there garlic, pounded with salt, vinegar, Tabasco sauce (literally a few drops) and ground black pepper to taste.

    Olive oil is recommended to be added gradually throughout the whole beating process - this way the soup will turn out to be very gentle and uniform, even in home conditions. Tomato gazpacho is almost ready, it remains to fill the mixture with tomato juice and dilute with cold water to form the desired consistency.

    Before eating the resulting dish, it is desirable to send it for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator. And although cold soup is absolutely ready immediately after the end of the cooking process, it acquires the thinnest and most uniform taste only the next day.

    Cucumber Gazpacho Recipe

    As we have said, there are many recipes for this dish, for example, “green” gazpacho, which is characterized by the presence of exclusively green vegetables and greens. The output is a nice cold soup, pleasant, light green in color. To prepare you will need:

    • salad cucumbers - 5-6;
    • bunch of green onions - 50 g;
    • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
    • arugula - a small bundle;
    • a mixture of greens (mint, cilantro, parsley) - 30 g;
    • juice of half a lemon;
    • olive oil;
    • salt pepper.

    In order for this version of the dish does not turn out bitter and retain a pleasant salad color, the skin of cucumbers must be carefully removed.

    Do not forget to cut the tips of cucumbers, they are also sometimes quite bitter.

    From seeds also have to get rid of, the easiest way to clean the usual teaspoon. Then the prepared cucumber is cut into small pieces. Next, you must chop the onion into small rings, mix it with crushed garlic.

    In order to give your dish a special flavor note, add rocket with spiciness, mint, which will enrich the soup with a special fresh charm. From all the herbs tear off the leaves, remove the coarse stems, and add them to the mixture of cucumbers, garlic and onions, carefully mix.

    Green option

    Sprinkle the prepared mass with lemon juice, and then send it to pickle for 20 minutes in the fridge. At the end of time, the pickled ingredients must be whipped into a homogeneous mass using a blender. It is important that the soup turned out to be completely homogeneous; for this, after the blender, it is still necessary to grind through a sieve.

    Almost everything is ready, it remains to salt, add pepper to taste and decorate with fresh herbs. It is important to know that all spices must be added exclusively at the end, otherwise the cucumber will give juice before and the taste will spoil. Serving ready-made gazpacho is best in a transparent dish, so the dish will look especially attractive.

    And, finally, a few more tips: to make the soup more satisfying, you can add a few, sprinkled with lemon juice, slices of avocado. To make the dish look presentable when serving, you can whisk it up first.

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