• Dashing 2000s: how did the fate of celebrities of that time

    Once upon a time the whole world was lit by their songs, crowds of fans chased them, and the fees turned their heads. Some of the stars of that era still shine in the firmament of show business, and for others the glory was not an easy test.

    In the 2000s, there was a real struggle for popularity and fame in the arena of show business. Who could keep afloat?

    Jessica simpson

    foreign musicians of the 90s and 2000s how their fate
    Photo: Getty Images
    foreign musicians of the 90s and 2000s how their fate
    Photo: Getty Images

    Then:Jessica for a long time was in the shadow of the then pop princess Britney Spears. The fact that they will have to fight for a place in the sun, Jessica realized in her childhood, when she did not qualify for the famous "Mickey Mouse Club". At the casting girl went around baby Britney. But Jessica did not give up and was able to get the help of Dolly Parton herself. The singer heard the performance of little Simpson and decided to give her a chance.

    In 19 years, Jessica released her first hit "I Wanna Love You Forever", the success of which made nervous Britney Spears herself.After her marriage, Jessica showed herself as a very enterprising girl - she and her husband, Nick Lache, signed an agreement to participate in the reality project “Just Married: Nick and Jessica”. The show existed for several seasons and replenished the family budget of a young couple. But literally a year later, the couple had to share their acquisitions: Jessica and Nick filed for divorce. At the peak of popularity, Jessica tried her hand at cinema, but suffered a complete failure. The film "Dukes of Hazzard" was well received by the public, but the paintings "A Date of My Dream" and "Blonde with Ambition" were booed by fans and scattered to pieces by critics. Jessica was nominated for Golden Raspberry as the worst actress. After this experiment, the girl claimed to act in films. By the way, from that moment on, both the creative and the personal life of the singer did not work out. Divorce, stress, a short affair, stagnation in the works - all this led to a prolonged depression. Jessica recovered greatly and was very worried about her appearance.

    Now:In 2010, the star gathered her strength and launched her reality show “The Beautiful World of Jessica Simpson”.In the same year, she accepted the offer of the hand and heart of her old friend, football player Eric Johnson. Four years later, the couple got married and brings up a daughter and son. Now on account of Jessica in addition to the seven studio albums own line of cosmetics, perfumes, shoes and bags. And let the creative career is not so successful, but 37-year-old Jessica is happy in family life. In addition, the girl managed to bring himself into perfect shape.


    foreign musicians of the 90s and 2000s how their fate
    Photo: frame from the clip
    foreign musicians of the 90s and 2000s how their fate
    Photo: @tarkan

    Then:to the songs of the handsome Turk, he lit almost the whole world! They especially loved the singer in Russia - here he was always a welcome guest.

    Husametin Tarkan Tevetoglu understood that with such a difficult-to-pronounce, non-negotiable and, most importantly, poorly remembered name, you cannot achieve great heights and glory. Therefore, for all he became just Tarkan.

    Few people know that initially the future star worked part-time as a singer at weddings. But as soon as he made his way onto the big stage, like a burning handsome man with piercing green eyes, he quickly gained an army of enthusiastic admirers around the world. His hits "Ölürüm Sana", "Şıkıdım", "Şımarık" made Tarkan a real star and led to the World Music Awards for record sales of albums.In addition, Tarkan became the official mascot of the Turkish national football team and even wrote a hymn for the fans.

    Now:Tarkan continues to record albums - now in his own record company. Just a month ago, a 44-year-old singer released his tenth album and a video for the song “Yolla”. Despite all the expectations about coming out, Tarkan is happily married to Pınar Dilek, with whom he met for five years. She lives with her in Istanbul on her own ranch.

    Backstreet boys

    foreign musicians of the 90s and 2000s how their fate
    foreign musicians of the 90s and 2000s how their fate
    Photo: Getty Images
    Photo: Getty Images

    Then:steep of the steep - yet none of the boy bands could repeat the success of this five. “The guys from the backyard” (this is how the name of the group is translated) began their journey from the “Mickey Mouse Club”. And then the guys began to intersect so often at castings and musical auditions that they decided: probably, this is fate - and they made a group. Nick Carter, Howie Dorow, AJ Maclean, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell traveled around the year with mini-concerts in schools and shopping centers. The perseverance of the guys bore fruit - Max Martin himself drew attention to them (it was with his submission to the world that many stars opened, such as Britney Spears, Ace of Base, Christina Aguilera).1997 was the most successful year for guys. Tens of millions of albums sold, dizzying fees, full stadiums, crazy fans of love! In 1999, the Backstreet Boys cemented its success with the album “Millennium”, which to this day is in the top ten best-selling albums in the world. Unfortunately, not all the participants could stand the test of glory. For almost 20 years of working together, the guys have become more than colleagues, and no one has pulled the blanket over himself, wanting to be the center of attention. For example, when AJ Maclean became addicted to illicit drugs and alcohol, the most senior member of the group, Kevin Richardson, literally took him by the scruff of the neck to a hospital. Due to age, by the way, Kevin will leave the group later. Realizing that he has already outgrown the boy group, Kevin will be engaged in creativity on Broadway. True, in a few years he will return to the group again, but he will not return past glory. The boys grew up.

    Now:in different ways fate decreed with the guys. AJ Macklin, 39, was able to recover from addiction. He is married to longtime girlfriend Rochelle Caridis and has two daughters. Another bad guy in the group, Nick Carter, endured the test of fame: alcohol dependence and experiments with drugs led to serious heart problems.Frightened Nick once refused all bad habits, engaged in health and sports. Against the background of his passion for sports, he met his future wife. Simple fitness trainer Lauren Kitt eclipsed all previous passions 37-year-old Nick. And among them, by the way, was Paris Hilton herself, who even made a tattoo with the name of the beloved! Nick is happily married, and last year he first became a father.

    The most modest boy, 44-year-old Howie Dorough, showed himself as a businessman - he owns his own real estate company and a production center. In his personal life, Howie also turned out to be modest - while his colleagues changed luxurious models like gloves, the guy turned his attention to a pretty girl who worked as web designer for the official website of the band Lee Boniello. The couple have been together for ten years and are raising two sons.

    45-year-old Kevin Richardson devoted himself to working in charitable foundations. He has been married for 17 years to Christine Kay Willits, who bore him two sons. His cousin Brian Littrell continued his career as a singer and even occupies the leading lines in the charts. True, in the ratings of Christian songs! He, like Kevin, is engaged in charity and in every possible way assists people with heart disease.

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