• Creative Cup Holder

    Very often, when we are at the computer, we often eat, putting the glass directly on the table leaving "circles" on it from the hot glass, corrected by putting various objects under the glass, but it was all very uncomfortable and wanted a little creative, eventually was assembled Here is such a cup holder from the keyboard. Make it very simple, for this we need: Keyboard, small piece org. glass, as well as a LED, of any color, (I took blue) Let's begin - first, let's spin the keyboard and separate the necessary number of buttons that we need for the stand, we also need to separate the legs from the buttons, then we will deal with the org. glass. Keyboard Plexiglass Piece
     Lay out the keys We cut off a piece of necessary length, the shape can be absolutely arbitrary then start gluing the buttons to org.glass, the usual glue holds them perfectly,
     paste it into the hole
    after you have glued the buttons, drill a small hole in the corner of our stand in which we subsequently glue in the LED, now let's do the backlight itself, measure the output voltage with a voltmeter from the USB cable left from the keyboard, based on this, we will choose the LED that matches the voltage when everything is prepared. iodine to USB
    Solder the LED
    and paste it into the hole that we drilled in the corner of the stand, that’s all, wait until the glue dries. any USB input and enjoy the result of work.

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