• Courchevel - a luxury ski resort

    Even those who have nothing to do with skiing, have surely heard this poetic name - Courchevel. Today it is called one of the most prestigious, picturesque, comfortable and, of course, expensive ski resorts in the world, a real dream for every amateur and professional!

    In addition to numerous ski runs, the total length of which is about 150 km, you can find many other attractions, places for entertainment, active and relaxing holiday, as well as simply picturesque natural beauties that you definitely need to see with your own eyes.

    The ski resort with a loud name, Courchevel, is located in the heart of the famous "Three Valleys" (from the French - "Les Trois Vallees"), that is, the largest ski area in the world. Rest on this famous French resort is considered the most prestigious and chic, here often the numerous French elite prefer to while away the winter days, the Prince of Monaco himself chose Courchevel.

    And this is not surprising, because this is a real winter fairy tale, where dreams come true and getting here is not available to everyone. Needless to say, an important feature of this place is its rather high prices for all services, accommodation and entertainment.

    Budget options here either do not exist at all, or if there are, then it is not very easy to find them. So, going to such a luxurious place, get ready to spend a tidy sum of money, but believe me, it's worth it!

    Well-groomed beautiful inclined French Alps, modern system of convenient lifts, high level of service, comfortable hotels and hotels, shops from leading French and world brands, restaurants with gastronomic delights, active evening and nightlife - all this is Courchevel.

    The resort is divided into 4 conditional stations, each of which is higher than the other at 100-200 meters above sea level. The very first station of San Beaune is 1300 m, and the highest and most prestigious is the Courchevel station, 1850 m. This is where the most elite and expensive hotels are located, and the most influential and famous people of France also like to stay.

    When to go to Courchevel?

    Each tourist destination has a time that is most preferable for visiting it. It is during this period that you can gain the most vivid impressions and it is best to relax. It is recommended to go to the French ski tale from the beginning of December until the end of April, during this period good snow cover is guaranteed, ideal weather for skiing and the maximum number of entertainment.

    Of course, it is this period of time that becomes the most financially expensive, however, if you plan your vacation in Courchevel in advance, you can save a lot.

    By the way, in the summer there is also something to do: the resort offers inspiring walks in the mountains, for those who like active leisure - rock climbing and playing on golf courses. In addition, during the warm period, the fishing season opens in crystal-clear lakes, classical music festivals are held, and boutiques lure customers with huge discounts on winter clothes and equipment.

    Where to stay?

    The next question that worries every traveler is the choice of a good accommodation.I must say that in Courchevel the choice of hotels and hotels is really wide, although most of them are in a rather high price category.

    Of course, the range of services includes not only spacious and comfortable rooms, but also SPA services, on the territory of hotels there are free sports centers, restaurants with amazing cuisine and much more. Most hotels operate according to the classic “star” scheme, in addition, you can rent individual villas or standard apartments.

    Rest in the famous Courchevel

    If you do not know what to do at this ski resort, it means that you, most likely, are still not familiar with its recreational opportunities, and this is their real sea! It is no secret that most tourists go to Courchevel for their intended purpose: active rest with the help of mountain sports.

    The main advantage of the resort is called its smooth, like canvas, "green" and "blue" trails, which are ideal for beginner skiers. For these purposes, it is best to go to Belkot or Pralon, which are best suited for beginners.

    If you feel like a mid-level skier, then, quite possibly, you will like the "red" tracks, which are many in the area of ​​Marmot, La Vizelle and Cre.Asam and professionals of the ski business should try their hand at the coolest and most extreme routes that descend from the station Solir, and are also available in the ski area of ​​Les Aval and Gran-Kulua.

    In addition to skiing, there is a snow park, as well as indoor sports facilities where you can go ice skating, watch performances and competitions of athletes. There are other snow activities, such as dog sledding, snowbike or snowmobiles.

    Going to Courchevel - this means allowing yourself to plunge into the beautiful world of scenic nature, high-quality recreation and great emotions that will remain in your memory for a lifetime!

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