• Cooking "Caesar": by the rules and without

    The classic recipe of 1924 and variations on the theme of one of the most popular salads of our time.
    Caesar Salad Classic Photo
    Caesar Salad Classic Photo

    It turns out that the Caesar salad has nothing to do with the great Roman emperor. This dish comes from North America and is named after its creator, a cook of Italian origin, Caesar Cardini, who owned several restaurants in the city of Tijuana (Mexico) in the 1920s and 1940s.

    The history of the creation of this salad is similar to many super-popular dishes now and can be characterized by just one phrase: “I made it blind from what it was.” By a similar principle, for example, the Australian sponge cake - “Lamington” and marzipan mass were created.

    According to legend, the Caesar salad was invented by Cardini on July 4, 1924 (on the Independence Day of the USA), when there was almost nothing left in the restaurant kitchen, and visitorsdemanded food ...

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    December 21, 2009Tatyana Vilkina

    I love Caesar with shrimp or chicken !!!! It is a pity that I did not try everything until ...

    I also love with chicken.

    I didn’t even suspect that the salad initially cost without it.

    And more Parmesanchik - mmmm !!

    now it became clear why Caesar! And then I really thought about the emperor!

    Caesar - my favorite salad)) I overlook!

    And I love it when there are small cherry tomatoes in the salad!

    And I love it with cherry, and I make croutons from a baguette, though I buy ready-made sauce, but I have to try cooking it for the New Year using the original recipe

    This salad is one of my favorites. But most of all I like to cook it with shrimps.

    Always pick up new recipes cooking recipes of the peoples of the world (http://10receptov.net)

    mmm, I love Caesar, yum)) One of my favorite salads.

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