• There will be no continuation of "Harry Potter"

    The eighth book about the adventures of Harry Potter, which came out last weekend, on the night of July 31, beats sales records (in the UK, the number of pre-orders exceeded six-digit numbers), tickets for the London premiere of the play "Harry Potter and the Damned Child" are not available, and the film company Warner Bros. promises a film adaptation ... But the main miracle did not happen. Contrary to the expectations and hopes of the fans of the magic saga, we all have to say goodbye to Harry: JK Rowling confirmed that she wouldn’t write a single line about him anymore ... In the story about the wizard (the total circulation of books is 450 million copies, fees for hire all over the world are $ 7 billion ) is dotted.

    There will be no continuation of "Harry Potter"

    The book "Harry Potter and the cursed child" will be translated into Russian in November, but for now it can be read in the original. Events will unfold 19 years after we left the main characters at the Kings Cross station.

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